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Our son Tommy got a new girlfriend on Valentine's Day this year!  And it's someone we already know, and whom we have already accepted in our hearts as part of our family.  The only difference is.....  Circumstances have changed a little.

Micha and I decided to give each other our Valentine's Day gifts early this year. GMTA! We ended up getting each other the EXACT same thing LOL!

Micha, Tommy and I all went to "Funny Foot Farm", a petting zoo not too far from where we live for our first Christmas outing as a family. We had SO much fun! Micha wouldn't leave the Donkey alone :) LOL!.

This year we had another Christmas party at Stacie's, but it was at her new house. And Micha and I got engaged!

On DJ Sean's 45th Birthday, Micha and Tommy took him to Karaoke near their house and had a blast!

Micha, Tommy and I were invited over to Stacie's house for Christmas in 2016. It was LOADS of fun!

For Tommy's 20th Birthday Party, him, Micha, Bill and I all went to a Chinese Buffet and had a great time.

My son Tommy and I doing a parody we made up of the song "Ride" by Twenty One Pilots.  I call it "Boring" because it sounds like they're saying that in the lyrics LOL!  We had a great time when he came to Vegas to visit me.  He's going back home and I'm gonna miss him.  But within the next month or so I'll be in Tucson in a place of my own.  Already made arrangements to move back.

My friend Sheila and I went down to The Fremont Street Experience this afternoon and had a BLAST! You have GOT to go there if you get a chance! I'm serious, there is NOTHING like it! After she finished gambling at The D there, we went to The Heart Attack Grill, and I got to eat for free! The sign outside said customers over 350 lbs eat free, and I weighed in at 390. I got my picture taken on the scale and everything! It was our first time there, and we had a LOT of fun! On the way out, I shot this video of the stretch from one end of the Fremont Street Experience to the other, on the way to the bus stop to go back home. Subscribe if you like!

This video USED to be the premise to DJ Leeanne and I supposedly moving to Vegas, but as it turns out, after 15 years the BITCH decided to leave our relationship for no reason!  I suspect it all started 2 years ago after her step dad died and she came to the house and moved all of her stuff out and said she was puting it in storage because after her mother got her money from her step dad's death from Social Security we were all going to pack up and move back to Tucson Arizona.  But instead the fucking whore sent me down here to find a place to live, and after I found one for us, I started to hear from her less and less until one day she sends me a text message telling me that our relationship was over and to stop calling and texting her and her family and friends.  So this video will serve as proof of my original reason for coming to Vegas.  I am now in the process of moving back to Tucson Arizona.

(DJ Sean & DJ Leeanne are in the process of packing up the studio and making preparations to move to Las Vegas NV.  Over the next couple of months while that is being done, here's a video we posted of DJ Sean's first experiences and impressions of his bus trip on the way to and as the bus pulls into Vegas.  The really big bonus is the city lights at the end as the bus pulls into the downtown terminal to end the trip.)