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Episode 506
“The Unexpected”
By: Roswell the Final Chapter
Edited by: Roswell the Final Chapter


Michael came home after a long day of working at the Crashdown. He felt tired, but excited to see his little girl and eager to spend some time alone with Maria. They were so busy since the baby was born that he worried he was neglecting the only woman he wanted to share his life with. Having the baby and going back to work seemed to put some distance between him and his love. He hoped to remedy that.

He opened the door to the Deluca home and all his expectations changed at random. The baby was crying, the television was turned up on one of Amy's favorite cooking shows and a horrible smell emanated from the kitchen. None of those things boded well for the relaxing evening he had in mind.

"Maria?" Michael called as he turned down the television, "Ms. Deluca?"

"In here," Amy called back while she emerged with her grand-daughter from his and Maria's bedroom, "Jo just woke up and I can't seem to get her to settle down."

Michael nodded and took a deep breath while he gently lifted his baby out of her arms and into his own. The baby's cries softened slightly and she looked up at him. The soft whimpering continued as if she might start crying full force again if he couldn't figure out what she wanted. Without much forethought, he carried her into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle from the refrigerator, warming it in his hand. He pressed it gently against her lips and she put her mouth around the rubber nipple, drinking contentedly. When she seemed calm again he remember the smell in the room he was in and found Amy taking a ruined meatloaf from the oven.

"So much for a home-cooked meal," she told him unhappily, "we'll just have to heat up something from the freezer."

Michael didn't comment right away. He was looking for Maria who should have been home tending to the baby for at least an hour before he arrived. Liz took her home when she felt too worn out to keep working anymore that day. They took the baby with them, so she must have made it back okay.

"Where's Maria?" he prodded.

"I think she went out in the back yard to get some fresh air when the meat loaf started burning. I was ..."

He stopped listening and poked his head through the window by the sink. Maria was out there and she seemed to be talking to someone. The only problem was that he couldn't see who she was talking to. All he could tell was that her eyes glowed purple in the moonlight and her mouth was forming words. The baby gurgled and pushed the bottle away from her mouth, completely bringing him back to the current situation before him.

"Could you?" he offered Amy, handing her the baby, "I need to talk to her."

Amy took little Jo for a burping and Michael opened the back door as quietly as he could. He could hear Maria's voice, though hushed in a whisper. Moments later, he heard another voice- male. A familiar, but not exactly welcome one at that. He listened for a moment in hopes of understanding what was going on.

"I hate being away from you," the male voice sounded.

"And I you, but this is too dangerous. Some day soon we will be together. But for now, you must go," Maria replied.

"Where to exactly?" he challenged her, "Lonnie is gonna be looking for me, Nicholas wants my hide for saving you and night is when they prowl."

"I wish you could stay here, but Michael and Maria's mom would never approve. Here, take some of this tip money and get a motel room-"

"I don't want your money," he huffed unhappily.

"Well-" Maria began, but was cut off.

Michael, thinking something was wrong, rushed around the corner to find him kissing her. Within seconds all matter of reason shattered and he found himself tackling Rath to the ground, holding him against the ground. He pressed one hand against his dupe's chest ready to blast him into the next life. Well, he was except Maria was trying to pull him away.

"Michael!" he finally heard her screaming at him, "get off of him!"

"Why?" he shouted back, "he is the enemy last I checked. What were you doing kissing him?"

"Not me, Calypso," she insisted, "he found her, he loves her. I would let you do this, but if he dies she'll be devastated. Besides, he's not the enemy anymore, he left Lonnie and Nicholas to save her the night the special unit attacked the house. He wants to help us. Please, get off of him and let him explain it himself if you still don't believe me."

"That or I'll kill him first," Rath told him, trying to free one of his hands so he could fight back.

"Okay," Michael relented, slowing pushing himself off of Rath, "but he has to leave now before one of us does something we'll regret later on."

"Fine," Rath snapped at him, looked at Maria as if he could see Calypso, the love burning brightly in his eyes and then took off into the night.

Maria shook her head while she tried to move past Michael, into the house to check on the baby. He turned and grabbed her right arm and she turned to face him, tears welling up in her now green eyes. He lessened his grip, though it hadn't been that tight to begin with, and hoped she would say something. Instead she just looked him in the eye and blinked the tears away.

"That's twice now I've seen you locking lips with someone else," he pointed out, "you know how much it hurts."

"It wasn't me," she insisted, "Calypso and I; we're sharing the same body. When he's nearby she knows and she takes over so she can see him. When he goes away, I get control. I told her not to though; I knew you would be home and looking for me. She just, ugh, she loves him as strongly as I love you."

"Just as strongly?" he countered, "you brush off my marriage proposals even though we sleep together and have a baby. She talked as if she couldn't live without him. She'd marry him in a heartbeat and they aren't living together nor have a kid."

"They did in the other life," Maria told him, "he didn't live long enough to know it, but they had that before. Besides, I would marry you in a heartbeat if ... if-"

"If what?" he prodded, "Why is it so difficult for you say you'll marry me. We practically are married in every other sense of the concept."

"I don't have time right now," she said, "Jo is crying again."

She ran inside and he followed just as quickly. He stopped once they entered their room and watched Maria change the baby's diaper. He sighed unhappily and sat on the bed. Maria had been more confused about their relationship since Calypso merged inside her. He put her through so much and he still felt terrible about it. He hoped she was recovered enough to figure things out. He felt the time had come ... but he wondered if Calypso was holding her back. Now he had evidence on that theory.

"So you won't say 'yes' because of Calypso being inside you?" he guessed, running his fingers though his hair while he tried to fully understand what he just said.

"Basically," she admitted softly, "I thought you'd figure it out eventually." She cradled Jo in her arms and turned around to look at him, "I'm sorry she did that. It's like my mom says, you know, love makes you do crazy stupid things."

He nodded briefly and she sat beside him on the bed while he continued to think about the current situation. She leaned against him, her head on his shoulder and one her arms wrapped around his back. He looked at her as best he could and noticed that her eyes were on their baby.

"How could I not marry you, Michael, I love you with all my heart and look at this beautiful little baby. She's the proof, babe. You and I married, it's inevitable," she said softly, "Don't you think?"

"That's why I proposed," he groaned, "twice."

"You're a brave soul space boy," she told him, her eyes on him now. She brought her lips close to his and added, "Ask me again sometime?"

He chuckled and pressed his lips against hers. The passion ignited and he pulled away. She smiled at him, her beautiful emerald green eyes shining with love just for him.

"Maybe," he said teasingly, "let me think about it for a while."

She started to roll her eyes, but stopped suddenly as if to rethink her actions. She kissed him back and grinned mischievously when she pulled away. Once again, he was confused only this time he enjoyed the mystery.

"Take all the time in the world," she told him while she stood up to put the baby in her crib, "make it perfect."

"The other times were perfect," he reminded her.

"Yeah," she agreed, "but you could do better than that."\


Ava smiled. Baby Jo smiled back at her. She liked their game. Maria, feeling antsy being off work for so long, brought the baby in with her that morning and insisted on Mr. Parker putting her to work. Although Michael was in the kitchen nearby, Ava became the instant babysitter and she found herself enjoying the task immensely. In fact, she liked watching the baby so much that she almost didn’t notice Max entering the backroom until the baby tried to turn her head to look at him.

“Hey little Jo,” Max said softly, noticing her reaction to his presence.

Jo smiled and turned toward Ava again. Ava, however, had her eyes on the little boy holding Max’s left hand. He let go of Max’s hand and neared the baby, his eyes wide with curiosity.

“Baby,” he said softly while he looked at her, “look, daddy.”

“I know,” Max replied calmly, “just be nice to her. Ava, do you mind watching him too for a little while until Liz finishes her shift? I want to go talk to Brody and maybe put in some hours over there.”

“Nah,” Ava said, “but you might wanna introduce me first.”

“Oh, sorry about that,” Max said sheepishly, “Ava this is Zeke. Zeke, this is Ava and the baby is Jo. Ava is going to watch you for a while until Liz comes to get you okay?”

“Okay,” little Zeke replied and returned the hug Max gave him, “bye daddy.”

“Daddy?” Michael spoke up from the kitchen doorway, food and grease smeared on his white full-length apron. A smirk played on his lips. Ava giggled quietly to herself. She often enjoyed Michael’s sense of humor even if no one else did.

“Hi Michael,” Max greeted him, “this is Zeke. Zeke this is Michael. He cooks food in there so I want you to stay out of his way. Stay in here with Ava, okay?”

The boy nodded and Michael added, “All I get is an introduction?”

“We’ll talk more later,” Max assured him, “I need to go talk to Brody.”

Max hugged his son one last time and then practically ran out of the room. Michael narrowed his eyes at him as he departed; then shrugged and returned to the kitchen before anyone in the diner noticed his absence. Jo cooed softly and Zeke looked at Ava as if he was waiting for something.

“What is it?” she said to him.

“I need to pee-pee,” he said timidly.

Ava grabbed one of his little hands and gently led him to the employee restroom a few feet away. She hoped he was potty trained. He seemed to do okay because he came out of the room without much fuss and as clean as he was when he went inside.

“All better?” she nudged him calmly.

“Yeah,” he replied and she thought he might continue until Liz rushed into the room.

“Here,” she said, placing napkins and crayons on the coffee table, “now you can color. Do you like to color?”

He nodded and began surveying the crayons before him. She attempted to grin at him for moment and then ran out of the room. Ava took a deep breath and watched the boy begin to color one of the napkins with the orange crayon. Since he seemed okay, she turned her attention back to baby Jo. She let the baby wrap one of her little hands around her pinkie finger and made a silly face. The baby smiled again, her body wiggling with delight.

“You look like my mommy,” he spoke up, while he colored.

“I know,” Ava replied distractedly while she continued to play with the baby, “we were related.”

“That’s what mommy said,” he said nonchalantly.

Ava looked at him, while her mouth hung open from the words that just erupted from the little boy’s mouth. She quickly recomposed herself and wondered what else his mommy told him. They seemed to be connected and if she was talking to him then Hanley was right all along. She would have to be a little more careful around him until they could find out more on the matter.


Agent Colton paced back and forth in Head Agent Dimitri’s office. His strides were quick and erratic like a caged animal. His head hung in disgust and he mumbled curses to himself. Dimitri looked at him over the briefings in his hands and waited patiently for his agent to tell him something that might make coherent sense.

“Count to ten agent,” Dimitri ordered him after a few more minutes passed without any sign of him calming down.

“There must be a leak,” Colton finally blurted impatiently, “how else could they have known we were going after the kid? But, who could have let out that kind of intel?”

“There was no leak, agent Colton,” Dimitri assured him, “I had everyone on this project debriefed. The only problem I see is that you are always chasing the impossible. That, and you keep defying my authority as the agent in charge.”

“Oh, come on,” Colton tried, but Dimitri continued without hesitation.

“You knew I didn’t want you risking my men to go after the Guerin boy, but you did anyway. Then, we found Max Evan’s son and you wanted to grab him even when all the intel we gathered told us to leave him alone. There is a greater force at work here, agent, and you of all people should know that. You were there when that base exploded. I know you lost a lot of good men and women, but that doesn’t give you the right to just go around making your own rules and running rampant trying to capture these targets.”

Slowly, Agent Colton stopped moving. Tired at last, he landed on Dimitri’s small leather couch with a thud like a sack of potatoes. Admitting defeat, he rested his head in his hands and took a deep breath.

“Are you taking me off the case?” Colton prodded roughly.

“Yes,” Dimitri replied, “I think you need some time away from it. You are too connected and far too unpredictable. Do you agree?”

“Yes,” Colton half relented, “but if I can’t catch these creatures … who can possibly do any better?”

“I had a recommendation from a close colleague about a budding new field agent,” Dimitri informed him, “she-”

“She?” Colton interrupted, “you would replace me with a woman?”

“The higher ups say she is highly capable. Anyway, while you’re here I think you should meet her. She’s been waiting to see me for the last half hour when you first barged in,” Dimitri pointed out calmly.

Agent Colton nodded, but he didn’t like it. In fact, he hated that a woman would be taking over his job. He loathed that he couldn’t get to Max Evans like his predecessors had and Agent Dimitri’s perpetual calm nature irked him to no end. He wanted to figure out why Dimitri was always so calm, but he was taught not to question authority. It was one of the very few rules he actually always obeyed.

Agent Dimitri opened his office door and motioned for someone to come inside. Agent Colton raised his head to look at the woman who entered. The blue eyes and the blonde curls … he knew he saw her somewhere before. She didn’t look like any agent he ever met besides the blue suit and she had a glassy sheen in her blue eyes as if she had lived through some horrible tragedy irrevocably wounded. He almost thought part of her soul had died, but pushed the thought aside when she spoke.

“Agent Dimitri, thank you for this meeting,” she spoke as calmly as Dimitri.

“Of course agent Dawson, you came highly recommended,” Dimitri told her, obviously impressed by her calm nature, “I hope you can pick up the slack and come through where others have failed. Ours is a difficult mission, highly complicated and strictly top-secret.”

“I wouldn’t expect any different,” she replied, still just as calm as she was when she walked into the room.

There was something fishy about her and Agent Colton racked his brain trying to figure out why his feeling about her was so strong. He remembered seeing pictures of the possible targets that may have destroyed his base two years ago. He remembered a picture of a blonde with the same blue eyes. She had been caught on camera just before the explosion by security on a tape that barely survived the flames.

Colton looked at the lady again and his mind confirmed his suspicions. She glanced at him, calm and confident. A small twinkle played in her eyes. Inside he squirmed, but on the outside he too remained just as calm.

“Where did Agent Dawson come from?” agent Colton spoke up.

“She came from another top secret mission of which she was very successful. A mission that, from what I heard, is highly likely to be linked with ours,” agent Dimitri informed him.

“I see,” agent Colton sighed thoughtfully, “I would like to remain on the team with your permission sir.”

“Agent Dawson, if Agent Colton stays I want him demoted to a desk pending a psych evaluation. Unfortunately, he is a loose canon and I need his head clear before I can let him go back out into the field,” Dimitri told her, “and I want an eye kept on him at all times either way. Understood?”

“Yes sir,” agent Dawson replied curtly, “when can I be briefed on this mission so I can get started?”

Agent Colton groaned silently to himself. He knew in that moment why agent Dimitri let him stay in the room for this meeting. He would have to brief agent Dawson and hand over the proverbial reigns. Despite the humility of being demoted, he was glad to remain on the team if she would let him. He wanted to find out if he was right about her. If she was one of the targets, he would be the first one to find out and turn her in to agent Dimitri. Then, he could get his job back.


Liz yawned and covered her mouth. She glanced at the little boy sleeping on the bed behind her. He slept soundly, all curled up on his right side with the sheets pulled up to his chin. Max tucked him in right after he returned from his journey and quietly excused himself to go talk to Hanley after giving her a much needed kiss. The boy made very little noise in his sleep, but she kept looking at him all the same. She felt very conscious of his presence. Thoughts of Tess, the boy’s real mother, ebbed at her mind. Dead or not, she felt like the boy still had a connection to his mom. Since her talk with Ava about her attempt to find Max's son, she began to doubt the sure feeling in her gut that Tess had died in that explosion. In the presence of the sleeping boy, her doubt felt much more real.

Frustrated by her thoughts, Liz returned her attention to her journal. ‘I’m not sure that Tess is really dead anymore,’ she wrote, ‘but I’m not sure if I’m more worried she is alive or that I have no idea what her intentions are if she is living and breathing. Either way, it’s an uneasy feeling and I’m not sure I want Max to know about it.’ She glanced at the boy again and turned her attention to her journal once more as she added, ‘I wonder if Max’s son is connected to her- mentally that is. I feel like he might have the answers to my questions inside him if I'm right.’

The bedroom door opened quietly and Liz turned to see Max standing in the doorway. His chocolate brown eyes gazed at his son for a long moment before he turned his attention to her. She closed her journal quietly, stood up, and walked quickly over to Max. She grabbed his hand and guided him into the hallway, closing the door behind her.

“Is everything okay?” she asked softly.

“For now,” he replied, “why?”

“You just seem quiet,” she said thoughtfully, “ and I have to tell you something. I used to feel so sure that Tess is dead,” Liz said, wrapping her arms around him, her eyes locked with his, “and then I saw him. I heard things while you were gone too. I’m just not sure any more, but I think that your son may have the answers we need.”

He put his arms around her then. She let his calm spirit comfort her for a moment while he thought about what she said. She knew that Max was hers forever, but Tess would be a formidable enemy if she was alive and wanted to hurt them.

“We’ll figure it out, Liz,” he assured her, “but he was just a baby when she … I’m not sure he really knows anything about her.”

“Maybe not consciously,” Liz replied, “but your son knows, Max. Isabel could-”

“No, no dream-walking,” he insisted, “not when he just got here. You know how I feel about that.”

“Okay,” Liz said, pulling away, “but-”

As if she overheard the conversation, the door to Isabel and Jesse’s room opened slightly and Isabel poked her head out, hand at the ready just in case. She looked at Max and Liz through tired squinted eyes and lowered her hand with a sigh of relief. She blinked a couple times, seemed to realize the meaning of her brother standing in the hallway and her eyes widened. Excited yet quiet, she ran over to him and wrapped her arms around him in a big hug.

“I’m so glad you’re home,” she told him and added as she pulled away, her hands on his shoulders, “he’s here? (Max nodded) asleep?”

Max nodded again and attempted to grab her before she could go into his room, but she moved too quickly. Liz followed him back into the bedroom and found Isabel standing on the other side of the bed, crouched down and taking a good look at her nephew. She brushed a couple loose strands of hair off his little face and quietly approached her brother.

“Liz is right Max,” she whispered, “We need to be careful with him. Goodnight, guys, I’m going back to bed before Jesse wakes up and wonders where I am.”


Hanley slept on the living room sofa in the Evans’ home. He made the sofa his bed largely so he could hear any intruders that might sneak in. Of course, the house was full as well. The sofa was the only place left for him to sleep anyway and he didn’t mind sleeping there. In fact, he would have been sleeping if his cell phone hadn’t woken him up by vibrating from under his pillow where he left it before he passed out.

Groggy, he grabbed the phone and attempted to roll onto his back. He checked the display on his caller ID, sighed and opened the flip phone. He placed it against his ear and began to whisper.

“This better be good,” he told the caller sleepily, “I was having a really hot dream.”

“Trust me, you want to hear this,” Kal Langley responded, loud and awake and probably full of caffeine, “one of my trainees intercepted a phone call from the new head field agent and suffice it to say this is bad news. We’ve identified her voice and it’s worse than even I imagined. Listen to this recording we received.”

‘Speak,’ a cryptic male-type voice said stoically.

‘Dawson here. Tell him I’m in and we can proceed as planned. They won’t know what hit them, but I think they’ll get what they deserve,’ a very familiar female voice replied.

“Are you kidding me?” Hanley spoke quietly as he sat up abruptly, “I searched everywhere and-”

“Obviously she didn’t want to be found,” Kal sighed frustratedly, “I almost thought she died in that explosion she caused-”

“She must have searched for her son then because they knew right where to look,” Hanley replied.

“Yeah, well the point is that you have to tell Max,” Kal insisted, “because the self-sacrifice story was obviously a ruse and she’s probably out to finish what my ex dead partner stupidly started with Kivar.”

“Yeah,” Hanley agreed, “if she is in charge now then the royals are in a lot of danger.”

“Tell your siblings we are now on high alert,” Kal ordered him, “I’ll be in touch. Oh, and don’t forget to keep me posted.”

Kal hung up before Hanley could reply. He flipped his phone shut and took a deep breath. He knew he couldn’t fall asleep now, but he couldn’t do much else while Max was sleeping. Falling back into his protective mode, he sat on the couch and listened to the noises the house made and sound of the wind against the window panes. He sat for hours until Max came down stairs and pulled him out of his protector-like trance.

“Hey,” Max said calmly, nudging him, “you okay? We haven’t seen you like this since before we returned to Roswell.”

“You’re in trouble Max,” he said, looking at his highness with worry in his narrowed eyes, “bigger trouble than we ever imagined.”


After breakfast, everyone congregated at the Deluca house. Max picked that particular place because he knew that Michael was always checking for FBI bugs since he lived there with Amy, Maria and baby Jo. Serena and Kyle were running late because they were last to receive the call and the group seemed restless.

Liz sat by Maria, talking in hushed tones about something. Maria cradled a sleeping baby Jo in her arms seemed asleep. Max waited for the late-comers near the front window, peering out from time to time. Xaedon looked at Hanley with his eyes raised in confusion and probably impatience. Hanley gave him a reassuring look and checked to see if Raeve was on her way with Kyle and Serena. He too felt impatient and a nagging feeling of reluctance ebbed at him about telling Max his news.

Hanley thought it was a good idea at first to tell Max, but now that he had time to think about it he had second thoughts. He needed to tell one of the other royals first. Naturally, his first thought was Isabel but she would be mentally connected to Max whether or not they knew that connection existed between them. He had a feeling that telling Ava wouldn’t go over very well and that left Michael who was trying to distract Max from his post in an attempt to figure out what was going on.

A few moments passed and Michael seemed to give up on luring any information out of Max who didn’t know anything yet anyway and began to walk over to Maria. Hanley, without thinking twice, jumped up out of his seat and intercepted him. Michael regarded him with curious, narrowed eyes.

“I need to talk to you for a few seconds,” he told Michael, “alone. Quickly, before everyone else shows up.”

“Why are you lookin' so worried dis time?” Ava spoke up, announcing her presence before them, “Huh? Just spill it and we'll fill in Kyle and Serena when they show up.”

“No,” Hanley tried, “I just need to-”

“No, she's right,” Michael interrupted him, “we all agreed no more secrets a long time ago. Just let it out.”

“The special unit replaced Agent Colton,” Hanley said, letting it gush forth as if he was babbling, “I found out from my superior last night. He thinks Tess may be involved.”

“Wh- how?” Max gasped, “She’s supposed to be dead.”

“She could have faked it,” Hanley said, “and I searched for her afterward just incase. I thought she might go searching for her son, but I came up empty. I wanted to tell you, Max, when I found out, but you have your son back. You share a mental bond with him, and I'm betting he still shares a connection with his mom. Since he’s a child between two hybrids, I can only guess how strong that connection is and if Tess is alive and using it- which I wouldn’t doubt- then we can’t let him hear anything regarding this matter. I was hesitant to tell you, Max, because you are still learning to control your mental connections to any of you, no offense to you, your highness, and until then it’s just too risky.”

“Hello,” Kyle shouted from the hallway, “we're here now.”

“Come on in,” Maria replied, “You won't believe what we just found out.”

“What's that?” Serena spoke up.

Hanley explained the situation to the late comers and watched everyone shake their heads in disbelief. Well, almost everyone. Liz and Ava sighed and looked at each other as if deciding who would speak first.

“There could be something there with little Zan,” Ava spoke up, “when I babysat him he said that I look like his mommy. The only way he’d know that is if she uses the connection they share. She could visit him in his dreams and we’d never know the difference.”

“Yes,” Hanley agreed, “and it means that Max has a connection to his son as well. Tess remains connected to you Max, through Zeke. Whatever he hears you say or do, she can manipulate it out of him. She … with her powers-”

“She’s a formidable enemy,” Raeve finished for him. He looked at her gratefully and she returned the glance briefly, “not to mention highly elusive. With Zeke around, you can’t hide from her very well at all. That is, if she really is alive.”

“Well, then we won’t say anything around him that we don’t want her to hear about,” Michael suggested.

“Like what?” Serena pointed out, “we don’t exactly have any semblance of a plan.”

“Then we better make one,” Michael responded, “and this is what I suggest.”


On the way back home Serena glanced at Kyle while he drove them back to his dad's house. He stared at the road in silence as if he had his mind somewhere else. Or on something else ... she wasn't sure. She had never seen him act so distant and distracted before.

“You've been really quiet lately,” she prodded gently, “you can talk to me you know, if there is something bothering you.”

He glanced at her for a moment and then returned his eyes to the road. They approached a stop light and he pushed the brakes, stopping at the appropriate place as required by the red light. She sighed unhappily, thinking about his somber mood and looked into his eyes when she realized he was looking at her again.

“I'm sorry,” he told her, “I'm being a total hypocrite.”

“What are you talking about?” she asked as the light turned green and Kyle continued to drive. He pulled over onto the side of the road and parked the car. She regarded him curiously and added, “what are you doing?”

“I need to show you something,” he replied and added as he grabbed her hands, “just relax a minute okay.”

She wanted to ask more questions, but he squeezed his eyes shut. Suddenly, she felt the need to do the same and for a few seconds she felt weightless. Seconds later, she felt the cushion beneath her bottom again. She opened her eyes and widened them when she realized that she was no longer in the car, but on the Valenti's living room couch.

“There,” he said nervously, “now you know. I guess we're even huh.”

“You,” she gasped in disbelief, “you did- wait how long have you had this ability?”

“A couple weeks I guess, but I didn't believe it at first myself. I don't seem to have that green static like Liz did around Max. I've been trying to find a way to tell you ... I guess I know how you felt before you told me about your powers,” he told her.

“Wow,” she responded, “but what about the car?”

“I'll get it later,” he assured her, “it's not far. So, you're not angry with me?”

“No,” she replied while she rested against his firm chest, “just surprised.”

“I love you,” he told her softly, putting his arms around her.

“and I love you,” she sighed and added alertly, “you know, this new ability of yours could come in handy with this plan that we all put together.”

“How's that?” he prodded, “I thought about it, but I couldn't come up with anything. I have to know where I'm going to end up when I go places like that.”

“Oh, don't worry,” Serena assured him, “I know how to fix that...”


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