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Story by Annie

Written by Annie, Amy, Jeslyn, Liz Park and Shira

Edited by Lisa, Liz, Mark and Tiff





1. “Mr. Jones” by Counting Crows

2. “Coma White” (acoustic) by Marilyn Manson

3. “Crash” by 12 Stones

4.  “Cold” by Static X





Liz’s Journal Entry – June 30th, 2003





It seems to be the only word fitting enough to describe our past few days in Roswell.  Up until a year ago, most of us had spent our entire lives in this small town.  No matter how much some of us may have tried to forget about our life in Roswell, it has always been and will always be a part of us.  The problem with being back in Roswell is simple.  We’ve all changed, and yet Roswell is . . . still Roswell.


I guess the biggest change of all would be that our parents know the truth.  Finally being able to be honest with them is so liberating; it’s almost scary.  Now I can talk to my mom and dad about my adventures with Max, how he saved my life, and most important of all, about our love for each other.  I want them to know I’ve found my soulmate.  I want them to see how he makes me as happy as they’ve made each other . . . or perhaps even more so.


And trust me, I would broadcast this loud and clear to them, if they would stop avoiding me.


After that first night of our reunion, it seems as if my parents can’t stand to be around us.  As soon as I walk into a room, they mumble some lame excuse and just leave.  Now, I could chalk this up as paranoia, but I’m not the only one who’s noticed.  Just the other day, Serena mentioned it.  We had come to the restaurant for lunch and I asked my dad to take a break so he could join us.  He made an excuse about paying bills and hurried off towards the office.


My mother is no exception.  While we were eating lunch, we waved hello.  We also asked her if she would like to eat with us, but she simply muttered something about helping my father and rushed to the back room.


It’s almost as if they are hiding something.  Granted, I have no idea what it is, but I have a feeling that whatever it is will change everything again.  Secrets always do, especially in our group.  It’s just ironic that a year ago I ran around here and avoided my parents almost the same way they are avoiding me now.  I guess my big fear is whether the change will be good or bad . . . or both. 


In any case, it’s left this feeling in the air.  Not quite an apprehensive feeling, but something somewhat unsettling.  Perhaps I’m paranoid.  Maybe it’s some sort of heightened intuition, a new manifestation of my still-developing powers.  At this point it is just too hard to tell.


Like I said . . . eerie.





Isabel opened her eyes, blinking slowly.  Turning over, she reached out with one hand for Jesse, but found nothing but cooling sheets and blankets.  Frowning, she lifted her head, looking for her husband, but the room was empty. 


Puzzled, she leaned back into the pillows.  Things between them lately had become normal; not fantastic by anyone’s measure, but at least normal.  Their conversations of late had revolved around unbiased topics, none of which included parenting.  It was as if there was a wall between them since Jesse told her about his sterility – as if he was too embarrassed to speak about it.  Isabel, in turn, didn’t know how to approach the subject without offending him.


Frowning again, Isabel thought for a moment, smelling something familiar in the air.  Slowly, a smile spread across her face.  Breakfast, she thought.  Jesse’s making us breakfast


It was something that had peppered their weekends together when they were first married, when Jesse didn’t have to be at court or the office and Isabel didn’t have class.  In Boston, everyone was so on edge and there was always someone around, so they never had private moments together.  Now, apparently, Jesse had decided to rekindle that aspect of their relationship.


Stretching languidly, Isabel smiled as Jesse came into the room, balancing two trays in his hands. 


“Good morning, my beautiful wife,” Jesse said, carefully placing the trays on the bed and sliding in next to her.  Isabel sat up, scooting closer to her husband.  Leaning over, she kissed him on the cheek. 


“Good morning, my wonderful husband,” she snuggled into his side.  “To what do I owe this honor?”


“Well,” Jesse began, taking a bite of bacon.  “I thought we could use a little one-on-one time and this seemed the best way to do it, without .  .  .you know; actually doing it.”


Isabel laughed.  “Because we’re like bunnies, right,” she plucked a piece of bacon off his tray only to have him lightly tap her hand in admonishment. 


“You have your own tray!” He pointed what was left of his strip of bacon towards her accusingly. 


“Yes, but yours looks so much yummier,” Isabel smiled, taking half of his bagel and pulling a chunk off. 


“That’s the same tray,” Jesse protested, reaching across her to grab a piece of bacon off her tray.


“Why didn’t you just put it all on the same tray? It’s not like we don’t share everything else,” Isabel picked up a butter knife and began spreading cream cheese on the bagel she had just stolen.


“As you’re so wonderfully demonstrating,” Jesse rolled his eyes.  “Are you going to say ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’ next?  No, no, don’t answer that.  Here, fine.”  He grabbed her tray, plucking her bagel out of her dumbfounded hand.  He took a quick bite out of it while moving everything onto his tray.  “Hakuna Matada,” he offered, smiling playfully. 


“Hey!” Isabel made a grab for the bagel. 


“What? We’re sharing, right?”


Isabel crossed her arms, pouting.  “You’ve been spending way too much time around Michael.”


Jesse shrugged, “We watch hockey together.”


“And football.”


“Okay, so we watch sports together, what’s the big deal?” Jesse laughed, spreading the other side of the bagel with cream cheese and offering her a bite.


“The big deal is that you’re picking up his habits, namely his eating and speaking habits.  I don’t think that belching at the dinner table fits into any etiquette guides,” Isabel said, taking a bite of the bagel.


“I only show it around you.”

Isabel rolled her eyes.  “Yes and I am so charmed.”


“It’s why you love me,” he took another bite and leaned over giving her a peck on the lips laughing as he noticed the cream cheese left on her nose.


“I don’t recall that talking while chewing is one of those reasons why I married you,” Isabel continued to pout, wiping her nose indignantly.


Jesse put his bagel down.  “Isabel, is there something wrong?”


“Nothing is wrong,” Isabel looked around.  “What makes you think something’s wrong?”


“You’re trying to pick a fight,” Jesse started, “. . . over mundane and miniscule things that you already knew about.  I brought you breakfast and now you’re fighting about it . . .”


Caught, Isabel could only look at him. 


Finally she sighed.  “Jesse . . .”


“Ah ha!  I knew it! You only start a sentence like that if you’ve been thinking about something.”


Isabel leveled a glare at him.  “Do you want to hear it or not?”


Jesse raised his hands, surrendering.  “By all means, go right ahead.  Oh, first are you going to eat that roll?”  He glanced at her as he reached for it, saw her face, and backtracked.  “No wait, never mind . . . go ahead.”


Isabel took a deep breath.  “I’ve been looking into some things . . . for couples who are unable to have children.  Here, I even have brochures,” Isabel reached into the bedside table and pulled out several brochures about various medical procedures, spreading them out on the bed before them.  “There’s fertility treatments or in-vitro fertilization or artificial insemination which seems like a good idea . . .” she trailed, looking at him.  “Or we could adopt, like my parents.”


Jesse ran a hand over his face.  “Isabel, don’t you think this is a little too early to be talking about this?  I mean, we just got back into Roswell, we don’t know where we’re going or what we’re doing . . .”


“Does it bother you that I looked these things up?”  Isabel gathered up the brochures and held them out to him.  Jesse looked down but didn’t take them.  “Without you?”


Jesse hesitated.  “Yeah, kind of.  I mean, we’re husband and wife, Isabel.  I thought we’d be making the trips to the doctor and picking up these brochures together, as a team.  And figuring out what to do about this – together.”


“I just . . .” Isabel put the brochures down.




“I just wanted something to plan for, you know? I had planned for everything . . . college, my career, and when I married you it was going to be white picket fences with hundreds of kids running around in Roswell.  You know, being normal.  Not having to run from the FBI or having to make sure my powers were up to par so I could fight inter-galactic aliens,” she looked up at him longingly.  “Sometimes I feel like we’re living in this alternate universe and I just want to wake up, be in Roswell, together and happy with our white picket fences and our children – our children, Jesse . . . running around naked in the front yard, or riding their bikes up and down the sidewalk, or going to kindergarten.  I want that so much.  And I figured if I planned–“


“Isabel,” Jesse took her hands, forcing her to look at him.  “You can’t plan everything, because you can’t predict the future.  Things like being all “Christmas Nazi” during the holidays – that you can plan because it’s short term.  However this– our lives . . . you can’t plan that.  And I don’t want you to--at least not alone.” He paused.  “But I’m all for us planning together.”


Isabel smiled, sniffing.  “Okay.  But one thing, Jesse?”




“Call me the Christmas Nazi again and I’ll revoke your sex privileges for a month.”


“What?” Jesse said with mock anger, a smile on his face.  “They’re privileges now? Privileges?!


“You better believe it, buster.” Isabel smiled, reaching over him for a piece of bacon.  “Race you to the kitchen for some orange juice.”


Jesse was already throwing the covers aside.  “You’re on.”





Counters, tables, and booths clean, check.


Check that stock is up-to-date, low on ice cream, check.


José in at 7, Becky at noon, Rita at 5. Check.


Open Crashdown, check.


Jeff Parker flipped the switch on the neon sign and then turned the Open-Closed sign to “open.”  It was almost seven a.m. and he still had to make sure the register had enough money in it for the morning.  He had been too distracted over the past few days to make a good count of the tender the restaurant had raked in, and now he had to spend the next few hours going over it while Greg and José cooked and served. 


Settling down at the rear-most table where he could easily monitor the morning traffic, he began flipping through the inventory papers, checking the stock count and the sales sheet, adding and subtracting totals and inventory. 


Four-seventy-five minus forty-four equals . . .  he paused.  It was an easy equation.  Why couldn’t he think of the answer?  Sighing, he relented to the calculator and typed in the numbers. 


Four-thirty-one.  He marked the small box on his sheet of paper, shaking his head.  This wasn’t good . . . he needed to sell more this week in order to break even. 


The door chimed and Jeff barely looked up, calling out, “Be with you in a minute.”


“That’s okay Mr. Parker; we’ll just sit over here.”


His head whipped up at the sound of her voice.  Serena.  Kyle stood next to her, his hand on the small of her back, guiding her to a booth in the middle of the restaurant, his look near that of a prince guiding his princess.  Jeff watched them sit down, leaning in close to one another.  Serena’s eyes tipped up to meet his and she smiled and waved a gesture that had invitation written all over it. 


He nodded his head in reply and glanced back down at his papers.  It would be impossible to get any work done now.


Pushing his chair back, he stood, pausing for a moment to deliberate and then deciding, he walked over to their booth, wiping his palms nervously on the apron he’d donned earlier.


“Hi Serena, Kyle,” he made sure to glance to each of them before turning his full attention on Serena.  “Can I, uh, talk to you for a minute in the back?”


Serena glanced at Kyle who raised a questioning eyebrow her way.  She shrugged.  “Sure.” Jeff began walking towards the back as Serena slowly slid out of the booth, tossing a questioning look back in Kyle’s direction. 


“What is it?” Kyle mouthed.


“I don’t know,” Serena mouthed back, tossing her hair over her shoulder as she followed Jeff into the back of the restaurant. Serena glanced back at Kyle before letting the door swing closed behind her.


“Serena,” Jeff said.  “There’s something I have to talk to you about.” He began without preamble, guiding Serena to the couch. They sat, Jeff moving slightly away.


“Okay,” Serena said slowly, nodding her head in acquiescence.  “What is it?”


Jeff inhaled deeply, glancing down at his hands.  They were shaking, painting a realistic state of his nerves. 


“It’s about your mother . . . Yamine.”







A groan filled the air as the van made its way towards the Crashdown.


“Are you okay?” Max asked, glancing over at Liz, who was sitting next to him. 


“Just thinking,” Liz sighed.  “Too much of that sort of thing hurts this early in the morning,” she added wryly.


“Okay,” Max said, letting it drop for the moment.  He knew that tone in her voice.  This was not the time to start asking a bunch of questions, unless he wanted one very angry wife.  He’d let her sort out on her own what she needed to sort out on her own.  He knew that when she wanted to pick his brain about whatever she was thinking about, she’d do it.  Catching the tune on the radio, he turned it up, humming along.


“What do you think it is?” she suddenly blurted out.


Now Max was completely confused.  “What do I think what is?” he replied slowly.


Liz turned her head to look out the window.  “The deal with my parents,” she told him.  “I know there is something going on with them.  I mean every time I walk into a room, they leave.  This is the first time I’ve seen them in over a year and they are avoiding me like the plague.  Any insight?  Am I missing something?”


Max thought for a moment.  He couldn’t deny that everything Liz just mentioned was true.  Over the past week, Jeff and Nancy had found themselves quite busy whenever he and Liz stopped by the restaurant.  He could tell that it was bugging Liz, but he had no idea it had gotten to her this much.


“I’m not sure,” he said finally.  “This whole situation is new to all of us.  After all, we’re married now, and they weren’t a part of that... something which I’m sure, deep down, your father wants to strangle me for.  They all know we’re aliens.  You’ve changed, Liz.  You’re not their little girl anymore – in more ways than one – and they never got the chance to watch it happen, because we had to hide everything.”


By this time, Liz was looking back at her husband, an expression of admiration on her face.  “But wouldn’t it be easier for them to talk to us, to me . . .  to someone about it?” she wondered, playing devil’s advocate a bit.  “This silence is driving me nuts.”


A smirk crept across Max’s face.  “What is it that they say about payback?”


“I’ve always said that was an evil expression,” she grumbled, admiration gone from her features.


“Seriously,” Max continued, choosing to ignore her grumpiness for the time being.  “They’re still adjusting to everything.  You have to admit, we dropped a bit of a bombshell on them, you know?  How did you expect them to react?”  Max sighed, knowing he was giving the least comforting answer . . . but also knowing it was the only answer to give.  “We just have to give them time.  The important thing right now is that they love you and you love them, and well, they haven’t called the Feds or anything.  I’m sure the rest will work itself out somehow.”


“Sure, if you’re going to use logic,” Liz teased, her grumpiness fading as she took comfort in the logic, if not the content of the answer.


Max shrugged his shoulders.  “Always,” he joked back, easing the van to a stop a hundred feet down the street from the restaurant.  “Shall we?”


Liz leaned across the seat, pressing a light kiss against his lips.  “Thank you,” she whispered, reaching for the door handle.


“Anytime,” he told her.





Raeve sat on the counter in the Parker’s kitchen, intent on finishing her bland and lifeless cornflakes.  It wasn’t exactly her ideal breakfast, but the bottle of Tabasco she’d found in the pantry seemed to be helping. 


Deep in thought and chewing another spoonful of soggy corn flakes, she barely noticed Ava enter the kitchen.  In fact, she didn’t even acknowledge her new friend until the girl spoke to her.  Even then, Raeve wasn’t completely listening.  Thoughts of her twin brother swirled through her mind.  Was he safe?  Was he in danger?  Was he even alive?


“Got milk?” she heard Ava say.


Raeve glanced over to the carton next to her, holding it up for Ava to see.  Ava took the carton from Raeve and poured some milk into a glass trying to figure out what was on the other alien’s mind. 


The cell phone that was usually clipped to Raeve’s belt rested on the laminated wood countertop that morning because she didn’t want it to dig into her hip.  She stared at it, willing it to ring, but nothing happened, nothing except the sound of Ava chuckling softly.  Raeve glanced up at her distractedly before taking another bite of soggy cereal. 


Ava just shook her head and sat on a chair at the kitchen table.  They liked to pick on each other, but since Ava wasn’t saying anything, she figured it wasn’t important.  Raeve ate another spoonful of what could now be classified as corn mush instead of flakes, and she was once again lost in thought.  A few seconds later, Ava finally broke the silence.  “You look freaked, girl.”


“Nah,” Raeve insisted, “I know I’ll hear from him when he’s safe enough to contact me.”


“Sure, but I know that look,” Ava pointed out. 


“What look?” Raeve demanded indifferently. 


“Well, you--” Ava began, but was cut off by the ring of Raeve’s cell phone. 


She hurriedly grabbed for it and glanced at the digital screen.  It was an important call, just not from the one person she wanted to hear from most.  The caller was a reliable source, who probably had some interesting things to tell her.  She couldn’t ignore him.


“Hey, what’s the scoop?”


 “You do realize that there is a lot of heat where you are in the UFO-capital of the world,” the voice pointed out condescendingly. 


“Out of my control you know,” she reminded him unhappily. “Just get to the point.”


“Look, it gets worse.  A group of Feds are in the area,” the voice informed her in a hushed tone.  “And on the move.  You guys need to lay low in a very safe place until these guys pull back.”


“And if they don’t fly the coop?” she hypothesized, knowing fully well that her contact wouldn’t be pleased. 


“Just do what you can,” the voice ordered her.  “I’ll call you later when we know more.”


Raeve pressed the ‘end’ button on her phone, hopping off the counter and clipping the phone indifferently onto her belt.  Looking at Ava, her eyes narrowed with worry.  The Royals had no reason to trust her yet… or herself, for that matter.  She had no idea how to direct them to a safe location if they had no reason to take her seriously.  Her only option would be to go through her brother, Hanley, who may have received a similar call at that point. 


“We’ve got to go,” she told Ava, “I need to talk to Hanley and get this ball rollin’. You ready?”


“Yeah,” Ava said, finishing her last gulp of milk with gusto and setting the glass on the table. Tossing a wry glace Raeve’s way, she shrugged her backpack on.


“Let’s roll.”






Max and Liz made their way into the restaurant, glancing around for a moment to see if it was busy.  It was early, too early for the breakfast crowd, but it never hurt to be sure.  Jeff was always there in the mornings, and they didn’t want to risk being spotted.  Noticing that Kyle was the only one around, Max and Liz deemed it safe for the moment.


“Hey Kyle,” Liz called out.  “What are you doing here?”


“Uh, breakfast?” Kyle said, an underlying ‘duh’ in his tone.  “You guys?”


“The same,” Liz replied simply.


Max took another glance around the room.  “So where is Serena?  Did she come?”


Kyle pointed over his shoulder at the back room.  “She and Mr. Parker are in the back.”


“So, Hanley actually let the two of you out of his sight,” Max joked.  “I thought he had you both under twenty-four-hour surveillance.”


A wicked grin crossed Kyle’s lips.  “He was still sleeping, so we snuck out.”


Liz winced.  “He is going to freak out when he wakes up and take that out on you when he finds you.  You know that, right?”


“Worth it,” Kyle told them.  “I just wish I could be there when he figures it out.  I bet that the expression on his face will be priceless.  I should’ve told my dad to take a picture for me . . .”


“It’ll be just as priceless as the one we could take when he kicks your butt,” Max joked.


The restaurant bell rang in the background and the group watched as a few unfamiliar faces entered the restaurant and sat in booths on the other side of the restaurant. 


Kyle scowled at Max.  “Shut up, Evans.”


Max raised up both of his hands in defense.  “Just stating a fact.  That’s all.  You know he’s a man on a mission.”


“You know,” Kyle began.  “You could grease the wheels a bit.  Like command him to back off, just a little.  Serena, and myself for that matter, would greatly appreciate it.”


Liz laughed again.  “Hey you two did the crime; you both get to do the time.  Speaking of crime, your partner in all things criminal and my dad sure are taking a long time back there.  What’s the holdup?”   She threw a tense glance in the direction of the back. 


Shrugging his shoulders, Kyle glanced back towards the break room doors.  “No clue.  Maybe your dad roped her into working or something.  He is famous for roping your friends into doing that, remember . . .” he trailed off, a silly grin on his face.


“Remember what?” Max asked, curious.  Liz was still watching the back door.


“Well, I was going to say, remember the time when he asked Alex to try his hand at the grill, and how he burnt five burgers in a row . . .”


“Yeah, I remember that,” Liz said, recollecting with a half-smile and returning her attention to Kyle.  “But believe it or not, we all decided to work here of our own free will,” she said brightly.  “More or less,” she added distractedly, glancing towards the back room again. Taking a few steps towards the back, she had a very specific feeling that everything in her life was going to change . . . again.


She would later call it a premonition, the way the feeling of dread had been gathering so quickly in her stomach.


Once again staring at the door, she took a tentative step forward.  That was when the door flew open. 


Serena hurled past her, running directly to Kyle, who instantly stood up.  She immediately buried her face into his shirt and started sobbing incoherently.


Kyle ran his hand soothingly up and down her back.  “Shh,” he whispered, trying to counter her whimpers.  “It’s okay.  Whatever it is, it’ll be okay.”


They all watched her for a moment, until Jeff followed her out, looking at Serena with deep sorrow in his eyes.


“What did you say to her!?” Kyle ground out.  “What could have possibly set her off like this?”


“Dad, what’s going on?” Liz asked at the same time.


Kyle heard Serena mutter something, though the shirt he was wearing doing a very effective job of muffling the sound. 


“What was that?” he asked, running a hand through her hair.  “I didn’t hear you, Serena.”


She tilted her head back, meeting his eyes directly.  “He’s my father,” she repeated softly, tears once again starting to fall.  “He’s my father.”


Liz’s eyes snapped from her father, to Serena, then back to her father again.  “Dad,” she said with deadly calm.  “Dad?  Is that true?”


The only thing Jeff could do was nod his head. 


Max stood there, watching the whole scene play out like a bad soap opera.  Taking a step towards Liz, he reached out his hand, hoping to offer her some comfort. 


“FREEZE!” a voice shouted across the room, joined by a chorus of other voices.  “FBI! Don’t anyone move!”





Raeve knocked on the Evans’ front door while glancing at her cell phone.  Hanley was supposed to be at Jim Valenti’s house with Kyle and Serena, but he wasn’t answering his phone.  Upset that he didn’t answer as usual, she reluctantly left a message on his voicemail. 


Ava remained silent, leaving Raeve to her business.  Raeve wished that she would say something . . . anything to end the silence while they waited on the front stoop for someone to answer the front door. 


Luckily, the door did not remain closed for very long.  “Hello girls,” Mrs. Evans said warmly when she answered the door.  “Isabel was just talking about calling you.”


“Well, here we are here,” Ava replied happily.  “Can we come in?”


“Yes, of course,” Diane replied, “Jesse and Isabel are in the living room.”


“Thanks,” Raeve spoke up.  While she entered the home, she dialed Hanley’s cell phone again.  She listened intently to the ringing while she followed Ava into the living room and stopped short when Hanley actually answered the phone.  Taking a quick sigh of relief, she waved at Isabel and started talking to Hanley in earnest.  “Where have you been?”


“Gee Rae, it’s good to hear from you too,” he scoffed.  “Was out like a light, just woke up, thanks.  What’s up?”


“We’ve got a problem, William,” Raeve pointed out annoyingly.  “It’s the FBI.  I tried to keep you and the others away from here, you know. Just remember that.”


“I know.  What’s the problem exactly?” he said calmly. 


“I got a call . . . the heat’s on,” she spoke simply, rolling her eyes and running her fingers through her dark brown hair.  Rave looked up at Isabel in the living room for a second.  Her brown eyes narrowed back at Raeve in concern.  Raeve figured that Isabel sensed that something was wrong. 


“Is everything okay?” Isabel spoke up. 


“Not really,” Raeve admitted, ignoring her older brother for a minute.  “Where’s your brother?”


“Oh, he went to the Crashdown with Liz.  She wanted some alone time with her family,” Isabel explained.  “What’s going on?”


“Great,” Raeve muttered sarcastically.  “And without a protector . . . perfect.”


“What’s wrong?” Ava asked Raeve.  “Why are you turning red?  You don’t turn red, do ya?”


“We have a rather large problem,” Raeve pointed out, plopping onto the couch next to Isabel.


“What?” Jesse spoke up, his voice laced with concern. 


“Well,” Raeve began, but she didn’t finish.  Hanley nearly yelled at her through the phone. 


“What problem Rae!?”


“The FBI is on the move,” she informed him worriedly, turning away from the others slightly.  “And the King is with his Queen and her family out in the open at the Crashdown Café, without any protector.  I can’t believe this William.  I told you there were big things happening here and that they shouldn’t come here, but did you listen to me? No, of course not, and I can’t imagine why you didn’t, William.  If something happens to them–”


“Rae, we do have some control here.  Remember to focus.  Where are Michael and Maria?” Hanley spoke calmly.  “Have you called them?”


Raeve’s eyes widened with amazement at the way he sounded so calm.  She figured he had to be in shock, although he seemed to have complete control over the situation.  For all she knew, he was at the Valenti place, pacing a hole into the living room floor.  Slowly, she took a deep breath, remembering what he had taught her, and knew there was no need to panic.  If everything went right, there wouldn’t be any problem. 


“Hold on,” she told Hanley, covered the mouthpiece with her hand.  “Have you guys talked to Michael or Maria yet?” she directed at Isabel and Jesse.


“Michael called earlier,” Isabel said nervously. “I have a feeling that he might go to the Crashdown too because he didn’t like that Max and Liz were going over there alone.  You have no idea how paranoid he gets sometimes and anyway, if he did go down there he probably took Maria with him.”


“Dammit,” Raeve muttered, taking another deep breath and uncovering the mouthpiece of her cell phone.  What began as a concern was quickly turning into a disaster.  “Isabel thinks he might be on his way to the Crashdown with Maria to protect Max and Liz,” Raeve told him, “Can you meet us down there in five?”


“Yeah,” he sighed.  “I’ll call the Deluca house anyway just to be sure she’s right.  Meet me outside the Crashdown on the right-rear corner.”


“Will do, ciao,” Raeve pressed the end button, clipping her phone back onto her belt and looking at the others with newfound purpose.  Isabel and Jesse were grabbing keys and jackets, their immediate grasp of the situation impressing even Raeve.  Ava looked up at her worriedly, her eyes so narrowed that Raeve was sure that she would say something before they left. 


In that moment, however, Mrs. Evans stepped into the living room.  “Isabel, your father and I are heading to his office now,” she said, giving her daughter a quick hug.  She pulled away noticing the stiffness in her daughter’s shoulders and looked at everyone worriedly.  “Is everything okay?” she demanded. 


“Yeah, mom, it’s nothing we can’t handle.  We will be back for dinner, okay?”


“Okay,” Diane replied, not really wanting to ask questions she was sure she wouldn’t like the answers to.  “Be careful.”


Before Isabel could give her mom any more assurance, Raeve opened the front door and motioned for everyone to get a move-on.  Isabel nodded and followed with Ava and Jesse not far behind.  Raeve hoped that Isabel was right about the situation not being that bad. 





They walked from the Evans’ house to the Crashdown in pairs, trying to keep a low profile. Raeve slowed down when they neared the corner. 


A black sedan resembling the ones the Feds used remained near the curb in front of the Crashdown.  She knew then that Max, Liz and anyone else in the restaurant would be in trouble. 


Cautiously peering around the corner, Raeve gestured with a wave of her hand for the others to stay back.  Before she could tell the others her thoughts on the situation, her phone began to vibrate.  She pulled it off her belt, flipped it open and pressed it against her right ear. 


“Where are you?” Hanley spoke up. 


“On the right corner,” she told him.  “You?”


“The other side in the alley with Michael and Maria.  We’re heading across the street to the UFO Center.  Follow us and watch your six . . . be careful.”


Raeve flipped her phone shut and waved for the others to follow.  Ava put a hand on her shoulder when she began to move and pointed discreetly toward the undercover FBI guy standing outside the Crashdown’s front door.  She mouthed the words “mind warp” and Raeve nodded. 


She waited while Ava closed her eyes and seconds later, led the others across the street.  When she reached the door to the UFO Center, she looked at Hanley, who was waiting for her and the others.  Then she glanced at Ava, who smirked at her while she crossed the street. 


Raeve took a deep breath.  That was a close call. 





“Well, we can’t be too surprised, we kind-of expected it,” Isabel said dryly, leading the group down the stairs into the UFO Center’s main room, the converted fallout shelter.


“Expected it!?” Michael exclaimed. “How much pre-caution can we take being in the dark, huh?! Dammit, we were as careful as we could have been! Something had to have gone wrong.”


They all turned to him incredulously. 


“I don’t think that really matters anymore.”  Isabel replied.  “We’re kind of marked, you know, Scarlet Letter?”


Hanley sighed, running his hand through his hair.  “No, Michael’s right, something’s wrong.” He started pacing, adding to the tension in the room.  “There’s no way they could have found us so quickly without some help.”


“What are you all doing here?”  Brody appeared out of the back room.  “And who in the hell are these two?” he said, spotting Hanley and Raeve immediately. 


“Brody, long time no see!”  Maria exclaimed, sauntering her way over to him. 


“Hello, Maria.”  He replied irritably, obviously no longer taken in by her immaculate appearance.  “I don’t suppose you’ll tell me what’s going on?”  Maria glanced over her shoulder at the group.  Michael shook his head.


“Of course, I could just call the sheriff,” Brody offered mock-helpfully.


Hanley stepped forward quickly.  “That won’t be necessary.”


“No?”  He shook his head in disbelief and turned back to Michael, Isabel, and Maria.  “And where the hell have you people been?  You up and disappear last spring and I get interrogated by the bloody FBI, not once, but three times.  Maybe I should give them a call.  I know I have the guy’s card somewhere.”  He turned towards his office.


Raeve snorted.  “Did he really use the word ‘bloody’?  He did, didn’t he?”


“No, Brody, let us explain!”  Isabel stopped him.


“Explain what?”  He eyed each person when no one answered.  “That’s what I thought.”  His face scrunched in confusion.  “Where’s Max?”


“He’s on his way,” Isabel lied, trying anything to calm him.


“Good, then you can wait for him outside.”


Raeve shook her head.  “We can’t do that.”


“Well then, let’s just give our friendly G-Men a call, and they can come down here and you can answer all their questions.”  He turned his attention to Ava, who started moving towards him. 


“What are you doing?”


Ave glanced at Hanley, telling him with her eyes what she planned on doing.  Hanley’s nod was almost imperceptible but Brody saw it none-the-less. 


“What?”  He asked warily, taking a step back.


“Brody, jus’ give us a chance to explain,” She said gently, taking the last steps forward to him.


She lifted her hand quickly before he had a chance to back away, playing her fingertips on his temple.  As his body went lax, Hanley, who was on alert, stepped forward to catch him and then lowered his limp body carefully to the floor.


“What the hell was that?” Jesse exclaimed, taking a step back in shock.


Raeve rolled her eyes, “Calm down, he’ll be fine.”


Ava took in the shocked expressions of her companions and realized she needed to explain.  


“Ya remember how your Tess could mind warp?”


“You mind warped him?”  Isabel cried angrily.


“Alex . . .” Maria said softly, memories of an old friend rushing into her head from a dark recess.  “You did that to Alex . . . and it killed him,” she accused, her eyes confused.


Ava opened her mouth to protest, but Maria lifted a hand to stop her.  Her eyes seemed to clear of  the confusion.  “No, that was Tess.  It was Tess . . .  Are you trying to kill Brody, give him a bad headache, or what?”


“No!  See, this ain’t a mind warp exactly.  All I done is make him sleep for a few.  Short-circuit, ya know, sensation overload.  He won’t remember a thing.”


“So, you’re not sticking something in his brain to block anything, you’re just making it so he never even makes the memories?”  Isabel asked trying to clarify.


Ava nodded, smiling.  “Ya got it.”


“Now that that’s settled, can we get back to saving some bacon?”  Michael asked impatiently, jabbing his thumb in the direction of the door.  “’Cause if not, there’s this great hockey game I’m missing . . .”


They stood waiting in silence, trying to come up with a plan.  After a few moments, Raeve threw her hands up.  “Isabel!” she cried, making everyone jump in the process.  “You can dream walk, right?”


Isabel nodded warily.


“Why don’t you see if you can find out why Kyle and Serena aren’t here?”






Max glanced back at Liz, as they slowly backed away from the agents.  He had his hands open and ready to activate his shield to protect them if necessary. 


None of the customers had panicked at the sight of the agents and their drawn weapons, and this caught Liz’s attention, as well as her father’s.


“What’s going on here?” Jeff demanded, breaking the tension in the room slightly.  “What do you people want?” He took a step toward the men, but his words were met with the clatter of weapons being armed.


“Hold it right there!”


Liz grabbed him by the arm, effectively stopping him.  Confused, Jeff looked at his daughter for an explanation.  When she simply shook her head, he frowned, and after a moment, backed away as well. 


Kyle found himself against the swinging door to the back room of the Crashdown.  Resting his hand against the cool laminated wood, he moved to push it open when a shrill ringing sound echoed through the entire dining area.  Everyone jumped from the shock of the unexpected noise and triggers were pulled. 


Max instantly materialized his force field, and none too soon, as a barrage of otherwise lethal fire rained upon them.


“Go, now, into the back!”  Max ordered, moving with the group to the swinging door, Liz entering last.


“Max!” she stuck her head back out and shouted at him.  “Let’s go!”


To her relief, Max lowered his shield and sprinted into the back room just behind Liz.  While the others watched him melt the door shut and block the kitchen entrance, Liz ran to the back door.  She grabbed the cold metal knob when a sudden flash caught her so off guard that the impact of the visions in her mind nearly vaulted her away from the door. 


FBI agents shooting down the door, one of them grabbing her. . . Max being shot while she screamed.


 “Liz?” Serena’s concerned voice brought her back to reality.  “Are you okay? What was it, what did you see?”


For a moment she blinked, reliving the vision in her mind.  There seemed to be no way out, it felt so real, like she had just lived those events.  The FBI had all the exits covered.  A familiar hand clamped onto her left shoulder, gently pushing her away from the door and when she saw her dad reaching for the handle she shook her head, yelling at him before any better solution presented itself in her mind.  “STOP!”


“What?” Jeff demanded, completely confused. 


“We can’t stay here . . . you can’t stay here, do NOT open that door!”


“Liz?” Max spoke up softly. 


“I saw something,” she admitted, her eyes darting from one to another.  “If we stay here any longer the FBI will come through that door and . . . look, we just can’t go that way.  They have all the exits covered.”


“Then what?” Serena demanded nervously.  “We’re trapped?”


“Not if we hide,” Max suggested, glancing pointedly at Ava and Isabel. 


“The storage room,” Jeff insisted, “Let’s go.”






Michael's head snapped up suddenly.  "That was a gunshot!" he stated in a near panic, taking a few quick steps towards the stairs.

"What?! Are you sure?" Isabel choked, hearing a few more.  “Oh my god!”

"From where?" Ava asked in turn.


Raeve started in a sprint towards the stairs.  "From outside . . ." she growled, reaching the doors at the top of the stairs and freezing.


The suits . . .


The guns . . .


"Damn!"  They were here. 


Raeve ran back down the stairs and towards Isabel.  "It's the FBI, they're broken into the Crashdown, there’s a SWAT truck out front and commandoes heading around the back."


"What!?" Maria exclaimed, instantly turning to Michael, eyes wide.  "We have to do something!”


Michael nodded instinctively.  "Stay here," he commanded, turning to Hanley.  "Let's go!"


"No! Stop right there!"  Raeve exclaimed, raising a hand to stop Michael in his tracks.  "We can't just rush in there!  Those are agents in there . . . someone could get killed very easily that way! We have the ability to be smarter than that and we must!  So, you know what Mr. Search and Destroy, cool your jets before you get us all killed!"


"Hey," Michael started to growl, but Maria placed her hands solidly on his chest and pushed him towards the wall, looking straight through him in a calming manner.


"She's right," Maria whispered to him, waiting until he reluctantly nodded then turned back to Raeve before continuing.  "So what do we do?"

"We stop wasting time," Raeve replied smartly.  "Isabel, you need to find a way to dream walk one of them and find out where they are, what the status is, and what we can do–"


"I've been trying!  No one will let me in!"  Isabel cried, Jesse coming up behind her to rub her shoulders.  "I can't reach Kyle or Serena!"


"Try Max again," Hanley suggested.  "If he's as smart as he thinks he is, he'll be expecting us to try and contact him through you."


"Alright . . .okay," Isabel took a deep breath, reaching a hand up to place over Jesse's on her shoulder, closing her eyes as tight as she could while concentrating entirely on her brother, blocking everything else out.


Everyone stood in complete silence, holding their breath . . .literally.


Isabel's eyes suddenly snapped back open.  "They're in the storage room. Locked, in the storage room."


Michael came forward suddenly.  "Let's go . . .I have a plan."

"Will it work?" Hanley asked, no question in his voice. 

"It'll work," Michael affirmed, grabbing a hold of Maria's hand as he pulled her along with him.  "We'll need your, uh, help."


Maria rolled her eyes as she followed.  "You mean my mom’s new car."







“How long are we going to stay in here,” Kyle wondered aloud.  “It’s only a matter of time before we run out of oxygen, or we’re found, or shot to death . . .”


“Kyle,” Liz warned, inching herself closer to Max at the same time.  “Shut up.”


Kyle took a deep breath.  “I was just saying.”


“Well, don’t,” Liz snapped, burrowing closer to her husband. “We’re lucky to be alive this far,” she added darkly.


“Shhhh,” Max sighed, wrapping an arm around to her pull her closer.  Whispering something softly in her ear, he also noticed Kyle mirroring his actions, offering Serena some comfort. 


Jeff glanced back and forth between Liz and Serena, taking in the sight of the two together.  He wanted to answer their questions, or perhaps beg for forgiveness.  He had to explain everything and make things right -- especially with Serena.


“Serena,” he said softly, his eyes finally lingering on her red head, which was buried against Kyle’s shoulder.  “Serena please look at me.”


The red head shook.  “No,” she cried.  “This is too much.  I can’t deal with all of this right now.”


However, Liz had another idea.  “I can,” she whispered.  “I want to know why? How?  Any of the blanks . . . go ahead and start filling them in at any time . . .”


“No,” Kyle cut her off.  “No.  This isn’t your choice.”


Liz’s head snapped up.  “What?!” she exclaimed under her breath.  “This affects me too, you know,” she continued harshly.  “I have a sister I never even knew about!”


“At least you had both of your parents,” Kyle countered, his voice soft but very intense.  He didn’t mean to be bitter sounding, but with every nervous shudder he felt pass through Serena; he knew it was just too soon for her.  “You can talk about this when we get out of here.”


“What if we don’t?” Serena suddenly whispered.  “We might not, and I need to know too.” 


The room grew silent.


“I’ve changed my mind,” she whispered resolutely.  “I want answers.”


Jeff looked at both his daughters.  “What do you want to know?”


“Everything,” Serena said simply.


Nodding, Jeff took a moment to collect himself, his mind drifting back to events that had happened over twenty years ago.  Softly he began to tell his story.  “I met your mother our senior year in high school.  Nancy and I had been best friends for years, and Yamine seemed to fit right in when she moved to Roswell.  She was new that year.  We all had a few classes together.  One day, I asked her out and she said yes.”


“That was just after homecoming.  We started to date.  A few months later . . .” he trailed off, gauging the reaction of everyone else.  Max and Kyle remained quiet, silently supporting his girls.  Liz just sat there, while Serena’s eyes grew wide at any mention of her mother.


“I loved her, Serena.  Please don’t doubt that,” Jeff pleaded.  “When we found out she was pregnant, she told me the truth.  I thought she was crazy.  Everything about Antar, her mission, her past.  But, she showed me things . . . things I cannot explain.”


Liz nodded, knowingly.


“Together, we planned for her to leave town because we didn’t know how long the pregnancy would be normal, or if anything would ever be normal after that.  Yamine wanted to get out before anyone had the chance to figure out who, or rather what, she was.  So . . .”


“The accident,” Liz chimed in, her voice soft and sympathetic as she imagined her father’s pain, Yamine’s pain.  “It wasn’t real.  You set it up.”


Tears rolled down Jeff’s cheek.  “It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do.  When I watched her walk away, a part of me just died.  I had to give up the first person I’ve ever loved and my first-born daughter, can you imagine that . . .”  A wistful smile crossed his face.  “Yamine was so sure that you were going to be a girl, and she was determined to name you Serena.  I guess that it sounded like your grandmother’s name or something like that.  She used to call you her little piece of serenity.”


The tears rolled down Serena’s face as she absorbed every razor-sharp word Jeff spoke. 


Meanwhile, Kyle sat there, a growing realization nagging at his gut at the same time.  If Yamine was from Antar, that meant that Serena was an alien, or at least part alien.  She had never told him anything about that, about who she was.  Unconsciously, his grip tightened around her as he processed the new information.


However, it was Liz that broke the silence again.  There were things that she just needed to know, and after all this, there was no point in beating around the bush.


“What about you and mom?” she asked softly, hating being the one to question everything.  “Serena and I aren’t that far apart, age-wise and...”


"Your mother was devastated too.  She and Yamine had grown very close," Jeff told her.  "After the accident, we gravitated to each other more so than ever before.  We . . .  then . . ."  He simply couldn't manage the rest of the words.  Jeff knew how he sounded explaining all of this.  Like a father who was replacing one daughter with another, one love with another, but it wasn't the truth.


"You got married because of me," Liz whispered, trying to come to grips with everything.  "Didn't you?"


Jeff shook his head to the contrary.  "We got married because we cared about each other, because we wanted to be together.  But you . . . you were an unexpected bonus.” 


Now it was Liz’s turn to shake her head.  “How soon?” she demanded.  “How soon was I born after you were married?”


Jeff could barely speak.  “Four months.”


It had come out softer than a whisper, so faint that if they hadn’t all been so close together, everyone would have missed it.  Liz found herself chilled to the bone, even her burrowing closer to Max was totally ineffective.  For that matter, sitting up straight at the moment was proving to be difficult.


Serena also seemed to be having the same problem.  Leaning against Kyle, she was struggling to come to grips with all that she heard.  Her father . . . her sister, right there in front of her face all of this time.


In the end, it was Max that broke the silence.  All of sudden his head felt like something, more like someone, was trying to break through, trying to reach out, or contact him.  “What the...” he muttered under his breath.


Liz felt the shift in her husband.  “Max,” she whispered, placing a light hand on his shoulder as his eyes drew shut.  She could tell he was in deep, feeling some sort of alien connection at work, but it wasn’t of her doing.  When his eyes reopened, she realized what had happened, and named the only other person who had the ability to do such a thing. 




Max turned to face her, nodding his head.  “Yeah.  They know where we are, that the FBI has us cornered, and that they have it under control.  She mentioned a plan in the works.”


“At least somebody has a plan,” Serena mumbled, the sound of the back door breaking down chilling the room.


Jeff shook his head in his hands, Yamine’s ancient words echoing throughout his brain.  “So much for normal,” he remembered her say on that fateful night.


“You okay?” Liz asked.


“Yeah . . . just that this was going to be another boring Tuesday morning, and well, Yamine was right,” he finally sighed.  “So much for normal.”


“Yeah,” Liz agreed.


“Does Hanley have a plan for getting us out of this meat locker?” Kyle wondered aloud, hoping the pain-in-the-neck shapeshifter was finally going to live up to his title of protector.


“No.” A knowing smile surfaced across Max’s face.  “It’s Michael who has the plan.”







Michael pressed against the brick wall to the building next to the Crashdown and signaled Hanley and Raeve across the alley from him.  Turning into the alley Michael raised his hand and sent three agents back into the air and into a hard brick wall, knocking them unconscious.


Hanley and Raeve rushed by just as two more agents appeared, but to Michael's surprise, both Hanley and Raeve could take care of themselves . . .very well.


"What is this Mortal Kombat?" Michael mumbled to himself just as Hanley turned back towards Michael and Michael asked, "Where'd you learn to fight like that?"


"Caly-" He was suddenly interrupted as Raeve called from the side door of the Crashdown.


"It's clear!"


"Maria!" Michael called down the alley when she appeared.  After a quick glance in Michael’s direction she signaled Isabel and Ava.


"Ready?" Isabel asked as she moved to one of the agents' car and proceeded to melt the engine.


Ava nodded and closed her eyes into a mind warp that caused a massive diversion in the upstairs apartment, drawing agents away from the storage room.


Maria nodded to Michael.


"Okay, go get the car!" Michael instructed then turned back to Hanley and Raeve, only now they were the two agents they'd knocked out.  Michael actually jumped.  "You want to warn a guy before you turn into his worst nightmare!"


"Sorry . . ." one agent said, while the other replied, "What a wuss. "


Michael glared as he stepped by that agent.  "You must be Raeve.”


"Just go!" the agent growled.


Michael crept through the door, glancing up when he heard shouts from upstairs.


"They're out on the balcony!"

"No, they're on the fire escape!"


Michael shook his head.  "Maybe it's time to find a more intelligent nightmare," he mumbled as he opened the locked storage room door with a wave of his hand.


His friends were huddled inside; it was a sight that would be burned into the back of Michael's brain for the rest of his life.


"Michael?" Liz came forward, then suddenly screamed.  "Behind you!"


Michael turned quickly, ready to put up a fight . . .then sighed in relief.  "That's Hanley, come on!"


Leading everyone out into the alley, Michael sent everyone down to where Maria and Jesse waited with the car.


Jeff stopped abruptly.  "Nancy is still upstairs!" He turned back.


"Wait, you can't go up there--" Michael tried.


"Just get out of here! They haven't suspected us up until now, we'll be fine! Go!" Jeff yelled as he hurried up the stairs.


"Damn it." Michael cursed as he ran to the car and jumped onto his bike just next to it.


Liz pushed her head out the window.  "Where's my dad?" she asked in a panic.


"He went back in, after your mom . . .I couldn't stop him." Michael replied, as he handed Maria the other helmet and Jesse jumped into the driver's seat.


"What?!" Liz exclaimed, and tried to make her way over Max and out of the car, but Max held her still. 


"You can't go in there Liz.  If they play it off, they should be fine . . .they shouldn't be suspected. "


"What about Ava?" Maria asked.


"Damn!" Michael cursed.


"I'll get her!" Kyle called and went into the front of the alley just as Ava stumbled to him and collapsed.


"I can't . . .keep . . ." Ava trailed into near unconsciousness as Kyle lifted her and carried her into the car.


"Alright, let's get to the pod chamber!"







A hesitant knock resonated through his office door.  He called for the person to enter. 


“Sir.” The man stepped in, shutting the door behind him.


“Have a seat, Malcolm.” He gestured towards the chair across from him, studying the agent’s body language as he sat down.  He watched as the man ran his palms over his pant legs in an effort to dry them.  He leaned back in his chair. “What’s wrong, Agent Chesnee?”


“Well, sir . . .” he started, his voice trailing off as he struggled to fine to best way to say what was needed.


“Out with it, Malcolm.  Did you get them to the holding cell?”  He asked a wave of excitement in his voice.


“The holding cell, Sir? I . . .”  The agent shook his head, not meeting his boss’s eyes.


“Yes, Chesnee, the holding cell.  In New Mexico.  Are they there?”  He leaned forward.


“No, sir.”  The agent whispered.


“No?”  The agent shook his head.  “NO!”  His superior yelled, standing up quickly.  His chair flew back against the wall.  “Where the hell are they?”


“We don’t know, Sir.”  The young man cowered in his chair as his superior started pacing the room.  “They knocked most of us out, we . . .”


“How is that possible?  They were practically handed to us on a platter!”


The agent cleared his throat.  “We do have something else that might interest you.”  He said hopefully.


“What is it?”


The young man reached into the briefcase next to his chair pulling out a folder.  “The two we do have in custody.”  He tossed it on the desk in front of him, slightly more confident. 


The older man eyed him carefully for a second before reaching for the file.  “This had better be good, Malcolm.”  He flipped open the thin manila cardboard to reveal a photograph of a very frightened Jeff and Nancy Parker.




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