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“The Party’s Over”

Written by Annie, Kristin, Bri, Cole and Mark

Edited by Liz, Carol, Lisa, Mark and Monica


1. Good Time Gone by Nickelback
2. Red by Chevelle
3. Everything by Lifehouse

Outside of Yosemite, California – Journal Entry

I’m Liz Parker (Evans), and it has begun, again. You see I have recently been married, to not just any man but my soul mate, my true love, who just happens to be from another planet. Yet, once again that alien-ness has threatened to weave its way back into our already complicated lives. I saw this girl, I felt this girl, but I am not sure exactly how to express what I saw to the others. She is… odd. Not someone like me, or Maria, or Kyle. Rather, someone like Max, Isabel, or Michael. She is someone “different.”

It all happened at the Carnival, a typical place for happiness, for childhood fun. And once again, an alien found a way to turn this simple pleasure upside-down. Everyone keeps asking how I am so sure that this girl, this being, is different. The truth is that I really don’t know how I do – I just do. She just is. How is it possible to explain something like a future version of my husband coming to visit me, telling me these things? How do I explain this to anyone without getting myself committed to the mental ward?

I tried to explain to the others that I thought the mystery girl I had a flash of might be different, but they didn’t want to accept it without more proof. It gets so frustrating sometimes, like they don’t want to listen every time I stick my neck out for them. Of course Max believes me, he trusts me completely. Don’t get me wrong, I can understand where the others are coming from. I mean I have felt the fear and hunted feeling over the past few months too, but that it still does not compare to living a whole life in this manner. I was onto something, I knew it.

I had thought that Yosemite might help to settle things down a little, help Max to relax some of his control demons, allow Isabel to see that we really are here for her. I thought Yosemite could be a place for Maria and Michael to start working on their relationship, and give Kyle a chance to bond more with the people he is forever linked to. I guess that deep down I hoped that maybe, if even just for a short time, we as a group could just pretend to be normal. Possibly forget about the problems that plagued us and be normal teenagers, normal high school grads, normal newlyweds. I suppose, at least for most of us, it happened.

Yet, the universe decided to crash my little party. Ever since I got the flash of this girl’s dying mother, I can’t seem to get it out of my head. All that I hear in the silence of the night is the echoing voice of “Find him, find him.” I haven’t had a flash like this since the premonition that I had of Max, Isabel, Michael, and I dying at graduation, and even that didn’t linger around for days. Funny how sometimes a gift can also be a curse. I think I can understand now how Max might feel about his ability to heal others.

Max is sleeping right now. He looks so peaceful, like an angel sent from heaven above. Sometimes I think that he might be one, sent to me to teach me a lesson about life and how things really are. When I wonder how different things would be if I had never met Max Evans, I realize that I wouldn’t be the same person that I am today. Life without him wouldn’t even be possible. Max and I are as much one person as I am a new person.

Problems can come and go, but one thing will remain the same. Nothing will change how I feel about Max… or my friends. As sappy as it sounds, I know we can handle whatever comes our way, as long as we have each other. And in the morning, we will decide what to do about my latest vision and the girl. We will face this new problem… together.


“So all we have to go on is that this alien is a girl with red hair,” Michael grumbled. “Nothing else… Like tall, short, thin, fat, green skin…”

“C’mon, chica,” Maria intervened, before Michael went too far. “There’s nothing else you can tell us?”

Liz ran her hand through her hair in frustration. “It happened too fast. Plus, these images were powerful… intense. And we were only connected for a moment. They really knocked me for a loop.”

Kyle began to pace back and forth. “Now, are you sure it’s an alien? Not just some random spark of power that happened to land on the closest person?”

“I know what I saw,” Liz stated flatly, only because she was struggling to keep her emotions in check. “She’s an alien.”

Max slowly began to rub her shoulders, bending over to lightly kiss her on the top of the head. He could sense the tension rolling off her in waves, like how heat creates a desert mirage.

“No one is doubting what you saw,” Max told her, eyeing the rest of the group pointedly. “What we need to do now is to figure out what our next step should be.”

“We need to find her,” Isabel finally chimed in from her normally quiet perch in the corner of the room. “And when we do, we get rid of her.”

“Isabel,” Max scolded, reeling that his sister would say such a thing. “We can’t just kill her. Not without finding out who she is, what she wants. It’s just not that simple.”

Isabel stood up straight. “Yes it is Max. I, for one, am tired of living in fear. First, we are on the run from the FBI. Now we have to add more aliens hunting for us too? I say we eliminate one of the threats. Since we can’t eliminate the FBI,” she trailed off.

Liz slowly got up from her seat and approached Isabel.

“But something is different here. Max is right.” Liz registered the little scoff she got from Isabel, but kept on going anyway. “Yes, whoever it was that I bumped into was an alien. However, there was more to it than that. The connection was so strong, I need to know why. We all need to know why.”

“Fine,” Isabel conceded, sitting back down in her chair. “Does anyone have any brilliant ideas on how to find her?”

“The carnival!” Michael exclaimed.

Everyone in the room turned to look at him. “What?” Michael asked. “It makes sense. That’s where Liz ran into her. It’s a crowded place, which makes it easy for her to hide, so I doubt that she would be far from it.”

“And Spaceboy hits one out of the park,” Maria jested, rolling her eyes. She said it with a smile though, to let him know that she was just kidding.

“That’s a great idea,” Kyle added. “We can find her and keep an eye on her. Find out what she’s up to.”

“Sounds good,” Max decided, still not removing his eyes from his sister. He knew that something was wrong with her, something more than just her losing Jesse. He could feel a change in her, something powerful. He just found himself hoping that she would start confiding in one of them. At this point he didn’t care who, just someone.

“Alright then,” Liz broke the silence that befell the group. “I say we split up and search.”

“But who will go with who?” Kyle asked.

“I’ll go alone,” Isabel called out.

“I’ll go with Liz,” Maria said at the same time.

Both Max and Michael turned to look at her. “No offense Max,” Maria continued. “But Liz and I need a little girl time. Besides, she has some kick-ass powers, so I’m safe.”

“Well, what about the rest of us?” Michael questioned, a little annoyed by Maria’s reluctance to go with him.

“You two can go together,” Maria said, gesturing between Max and Michael. “A little male bonding might do you two some good.”

“What am I?” Kyle chimed in. “Chopped liver?”

“No,” Maria muttered defensively. “No, it’s just that someone has to stay here and watch the van. Kind of hold down the fort, you know.”

“Fine,” Kyle sighed. “I’ll be the glorified guard. Safer that way, I suppose.” He rolled his eyes.

“I’m thinking more along the lines of rent-a-cop,” Michael added dryly.

“Wasn’t that your last job Michael?” Kyle said as he stood up, moving towards him, but Isabel held him back.

“Okay boys, is everything decided now?” she exclaimed, looking for a sign from each of them that they weren’t going to kill each other. Kyle nodded slightly, looking down at her holding on to his arm. “Good,” she grumbled. “Let’s just get going.”

Max passed out the three portable VFR radios they had picked up while at a flea market in Arizona.

“Okay. We will drive to the carnival, perform our search, and meet back here in one hour. Any trouble, and get on the horn… otherwise maintain radio silence, got it?”

Everyone mumbled their agreement as Liz moved closer to Max. “Be careful,” she whispered, leaning in to give him a hug.


The others began packing their gear. It was only a few minutes’ drive to the carnival from here, but they had learned from hard experience that it was always best to come prepared.

“You too,” he said softly, kissing her lightly on the cheek. “Radio me if anything happens, anything at all.”

Liz looked up into his compassionate eyes. “I will. Trust me. Even if I wouldn’t, you know that Maria would, so we’re all squared away there.”

Max gave her a small smile before bending his head down to taste the sweetness of her lips. You never know when it may be your last.

“Maxwell,” Michael uttered, breaking the moment. “Are you ready?”

Max took a step back, his jaw clenching. “Sure,” he managed to bite out.

Isabel watched as Max and Michael loaded up the van, followed soon after by Liz and Maria. She was just about to head out herself, when Kyle put his hand on her shoulder.

“Isabel, can I talk to you for a minute?”

Turning around, Isabel let out an exasperated sigh. “What is it, Kyle? I need to get searching.”

Kyle looked her straight in the eyes. “I saw you Isabel,” he told her sincerely.

Isabel’s eyes widened slightly in horror. “I have no idea what you are talking about Kyle,” she said coldly. “You saw what?”

“I saw you mindwarp,” he whispered, leaning in slightly even though none of the others were around. “One second no one was sitting on that bench at the carnival, and then the next second you appeared.”

Pulling away, Isabel took a few steps back. “So what! I mind warped a little. Michael got Max’s powers when he died. Must be some genetic thing we didn’t know about yet. Nothing to fuss over.”

Kyle couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Who did she think she was talking to? Hell, his whole world changed because of a mindwarp, and this was supposed to be no big deal? Kyle could feel his anger left over from Tess rising, only this time he wasn’t going to fully stop it. Reasoning hadn’t worked, neither had space. Now he was going to resort to anger to break open the wall that Isabel had built around herself again.

“That is a bunch of crap and you know it,” he exclaimed, a little surprised that still had it in him.

Isabel could only stare at him. “Great Kyle,” she retorted a moment later. “Just yell me. That is really going to solve this.”

Kyle took a step towards her. “It might not solve it, but it might just be enough get you to ask for help. We all know what is going on, Isabel. You can’t hide it forever.”

“You told them,” Isabel gasped. “How could you do that! It’s not your decision - ”

“No, I didn’t tell them anything yet,” Kyle confessed. “But you can’t keep this a secret forever. Max and Liz, Michael and Maria… they know that something is up with you, that you’re withdrawing. It’s only a matter of time before they figure out the big reason why.”

“And what would you know about it Kyle,” Isabel cried in frustration. “Do you think I asked for this? Hell, it is just another thing that has been shoved on to me, and now I have to deal with it. Which I will do, by myself, as usual.”

“Just like you did when Alex died,” Kyle blurted out hastily. However, the second the words left his mouth, he regretted them. The expression that crossed Isabel’s face made him feel even worse.

“You son of …” Isabel started, choking on the words as they came out of her mouth. “Leave me alone!” she demanded, and was gone. Kyle watched as she stormed out, running out to the van and slamming herself in.

“Could I have been more stupid?” he scolded himself. “I can’t just let her go off like that.”

Quickly, Kyle ran around the small economy hotel room they had stayed at tonight, searching for his shoes and jacket. Isabel wanted to get away from the carnival after the incident with the little girl, so they had stayed there. A few minutes later, he ran out the door, locking it hurriedly behind him. Isabel gave him the dirtiest of looks when he began to approach the van.


“This is going to be like finding a needle in a haystack,” Michael scoffed, glancing around at all the people near them. “A red headed needle, that is.”

Max rolled his eyes. “Very funny.”

“Yup,” Michael added. “I’m a regular comedian. Just call me George Carlen.”

“I was thinking more along the lines of Bozo the Clown,” Max jested, a smirk on his face.

“Whose the funny man now,” Michael grumbled, then stopped suddenly. “Red head, two o’clock,” he whispered to Max.

“My clock or your clock,” Max asked, still trying to be funny.

Michael let out a deep sigh. “Jesus, just look over there,” he ordered, gesturing with his hand.

Max turned his head, catching a glimpse of the red headed girl just before she disappeared behind a booth. She was about five feet, five inches tall and a little chubby, wearing jeans and a white tee-shirt.

Michael looked at Max. “So what’s our move?” he asked stealthily.

“You go around to back of the booth, and I’ll follow her from the front,” Max told him, going into full commando mode. “Keep your eye out for anything strange.”

“Duh,” Michael retorted.

“Just go,” Max ordered, pointing towards the booth.

They both crept along their separate ways. Max watched as the girl walked in-between two booths, heading towards a ride off in the distance. Then, he saw Michael approach the girl from behind.

“Damnit” he groaned.

Next, he watched as a man as tall as Michael, but much beefier around the midsection, headed towards them. And he didn’t look happy. That could only mean trouble.

“Michael,” Max called out, rushing towards the little group. “Where have you been?”

The three just looked at him. “Do you know him?” the beefy guy asked, pulling the red headed girl towards him like she were a wrestling trophy.

Max nodded. “He’s my brother. He wandered off.” Then Max turned towards Michael. “Mom has been so worried!”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Michael asked.

Max gave him the distinct you-better-go-along-with-this look. “You know how she worries when you wander off this close to medication time.”

The girl gave him a knowing look. “He’s not all together is he?” she whispered.

“No,” Max snorted, using all of his control not to laugh. “Well, I better get him back, hope he didn’t bother you.” Max reached out and grabbed Michael roughly by the arm, pulling him in the other direction.

When they were a safe distance, Michael pulled his arm out of Max’s grasp. “What the hell did you do that for?”

“The guy was going to pound you,” Max informed him. “What did you say to her anyway?”

“I just asked if she was sending your wife any weird vibes,” Michael said.

“No wonder the guy wanted to clobber you,” Max groaned. “Have you ever heard of tact, Michael?”

Michael shrugged his shoulders. “Takes too much time. I just say what I mean, if they can’t deal, well that’s not my problem. Besides, I could have taken him, piece of cake.”

Max gave him a sarcastic look. “So what now?” he questioned, looking out at the sheer number of people around them.

“I guess we could keep looking,” Michael suggested.

“And see how many red heads you can piss off?” Max added. “I don’t think so. Let’s just make a quick sweep of the grounds, and then go find the girls.”

Michael nodded. “Sounds like a plan.”


“Oh... carnies, carnies everywhere. So, what exactly are we looking for here, Liz? Any redhead within the tri-state area, or is there something more local we’re in search of?” Maria said as she searched the crowd conspicuously.

Liz sighed. “I just have a feeling that I will know what I am looking for when I see it... her... whatever.”

“Great... thanks— that helps a bunch,” Maria said sarcastically.

Liz eyed their surroundings. “I wish I could explain better about what I saw, but you know how my flashes have been going... kind of impressionistic, you know?”

“Perfect,” Maria grumbled.

“I know that she has red hair,” Liz said defensively. “That’s something.”

“That’s all you can give me?”

“Vibrant red hair,” Liz bit out. “Oh, and she can run.”

“So, it’s a vibrant red-haired runner now, eh,” Maria retorted, eyeing a girl near one of those booths where goldfish could be won.

“Yes, vibrant red hair is what I saw... I wish I could give the shade a name... then maybe that would help you since you change your color every five seconds,” Liz trailed off and looked at Maria knowingly.

“Oohhhhh,” Maria taunted. “Harsh.”

“Sorry, ‘Ria... just a little on edge here,” Liz apologized. “It just always happens, you know?”

Maria looked at Liz. “What happens?”

“Everything seems to be settled and then something new comes along, stirring things back up again,” Liz explained. “Max and I were in line for food, happy... just off our honeymoon... it still should be the happiest time in my life and here I am, no offense, not even with Max, searching for an alien.”

Maria nodded her head in realization. “I know what you mean, chica,” she said softly.

“But if this is how it is going to be, then it is fine with me... I’ll do anything as long as it includes keeping Max and the rest of you safe. I couldn’t imagine life without him.” Liz said with a secret smile.

“I’m totally with you,” Maria sighed. “Looking back on everything, I am glad that I rejoined the alien chaos. If I had stayed in Roswell, I just know the FBI would have taken me into custody. I mean, they had pictures of Michael and me together. I don’t know I ever told you this, but when Michael was going to leave before graduation, he said some amazing things to me. He left me speechless, which you know rarely ever happens. You know, I didn’t even know Spaceboy had feelings that deep, but that was the moment when I knew my path-- when I knew I didn’t want to be anywhere else. Oh, and the mind-blowing hot alien sex doesn’t hurt either... right?”

Liz blushed, “Uh, No, it certainly doesn’t.”

They giggled together, Maria making rough examples with her hands.

Liz laughed. “Maria, stop it!”

Maria just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some details out of her best friend. “Amazing, wasn’t it?”

“That doesn’t eeeeeeeeeven begin to describe it,” Liz said with a wide smile.

“Now, you got it...I am surprised you and Max waited all this time...”

Liz rolled her eyes. “Really,” she asked, sarcastically.

Maria nodded her head vigorously.

Liz couldn’t help but giggle at Maria’s reaction. “I’m glad you made the decision to come with us ‘Ria. I couldn’t imagine doing this without my best friend.”

“I know you would be lost without me, but enough of this mushy girl stuff,” Maria said as she laughed too. “So, you were just in line and you got a flash?”

“No, I was going to the bathroom and I saw this girl who looked odd to me, so when I walked past her, I kinda brushed her shoulder. Then I got a bunch of images from her. I almost fell and had a hard time walking for at three hours after that.”

Maria raised one of her eyebrows. “And all you remember is the red hair? Creepy, if you ask me.”

“Yeah the images didn’t last long. I just remember seeing this girl with long red hair leaning over someone lying on the ground. I remember that they were talking, but it was all really strange, like, surreal. They kept talking about finding ‘him’, whoever ‘he’ is.”

“Do you have any idea what it means?” Maria asked.

“I’m not sure, but it felt like my head was on overload... I know there were more images, maybe tons more, my mind just couldn’t process all of them. I guess I only make a so-so alien hybrid,” Liz said, chuckling.

The two girls kept walking around their area of the carnival, not even catching one vague glimpse of a redhead.

“This is useless...” Liz groaned as she looked around.

“Wait... Liz, look over there,” Maria said, pointing to a redhead who was buying cotton candy at a popular stand.

“Maria, are you serious?” Liz started to laugh.

“What?” Maria asked, shrugging her shoulders.

“That’s not a woman...that’s a man!”

“Oh,” Maria said, as she watched the long-haired redheaded man turn around and walk away from the stand. He appeared to be one of the carnival’s band members, or perhaps part of a traveling freak show. “I guess you’re right. Wonders never cease I guess,” she laughed.

The two girls began to walk in the other direction, wondering if the redheaded mystery woman even existed.

“Hey! Maria look over there,” Liz quietly exclaimed, as she tapped her best friend in the side and nodded her head towards the line of the Ferris wheel.

“Come on,” Maria scoffed. “Sure that is vibrant hair, but I am willing to bet the whole $17 in my pocket that she is not a ‘real’ redhead -- that is so not even real. I mean, my god, you can see her roots from here!”

“Maria, you are not helping,” Liz said as she watched the woman. “But you’re right, it isn’t her.”

“We’ll find her, Liz,” Maria reassured Liz. “Eventually... I mean she has got to be around her somewhere.”

“This is so useless,” Liz cried out in frustration. She rubbed her forehead and groaned out loud. “There are tons of people here. The odds are so against us.”

Maria looked at her watch. “I wonder if the others have had any luck.”

Liz took a deep breath. “Who knows?”

Maria snapped her fingers as an idea came to her. “Maybe she took off because she got some flashes from you. It could’ve happened, right?”

“I suppose it’s possible,” Liz said, contemplating Maria’s theory. However, she shook it off immediately. Deep down, Liz knew the girl was still around there somewhere. It was almost as if she could feel her presence among the crowd.

“Why don’t you go check in with Michael and Max,” Liz suggested. “See if they have found anything. I bet they’re around here somewhere. Tell them we haven’t seen anything that is full of promise.”

“What are you going to do?” Maria questioned. She crossed her arms and positioned herself more fully in front of Liz.

“First, I am going to go to that bathroom over there,” Liz said as she pointed to a cement structure a few feet away. “Then I am going to grab a big pickle and be right behind you.”

“Maybe I should stay with you,” Maria suggested, not really liking the idea at all.

“No, I’m fine,” Liz told her. “I just need some time alone to pull myself together.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I will be with you and the guys in a few minutes,” Liz added for reassurance.

“All right, we’ll see you in a few minutes over by the nacho and funnel cake stand.”

“Yeah,” Liz said as she walked away towards the bathrooms, leaving Maria standing alone amongst the strangers.

Once Maria saw that Liz was safely to the bathrooms, see turned, shook her head, and went to find Max and Michael.

Liz went into the smelly public bathroom and waited in the short line for her turn. When she came out, she went to wash her hands. She looked at herself in the mirror and splashed water on her face. You have to pull yourself together, Liz.

“If only I could remember more,” she said as she watched the water drip from her face. “What did you see?” she asked her reflection.

“Focus,” she chided herself.

As hard as she tried, nothing new came to her. She shook her head as she gave her face one more splash and grabbed a paper towel. Liz wiped her hands, threw the paper towel in the garbage, and exited out the same door in which she came. Liz carefully made her way through the crowd on her way to the pickle stand. Careful as she was, a lanky teenager fell into her after being pushed by his buddy, sending her flying into the crowd - and person next to her. All of a sudden, the world went blank and image after image started throbbing through her mind like a fast-action slide show.

It was as if Liz was watching her life flash before her eyes from someone else’s perspective. She watched herself sitting on her balcony writing her journal about three years ago, her thoughts ringing through her head as if she was speaking them aloud. She saw the shooting from Max’s point of view, with him running to her side immediately after, with no hesitation, even though Michael pleaded for him to stop. She watched Max fixing her hair thing at the Crash Festival right after they tried to deflect Valenti from their trail. She looked into the Crashdown as Michael returned her journal. She watched Michael and Maria bickering, for the 167th time. She felt her heart leap into her throat as she relived her and Future Max dancing on the balcony, and how she felt when he disappeared.

Suddenly, Liz was flash forwarded to Las Vegas, and she watched all of them enter the hotel together. She saw Alex and Isabel dancing at Prom. And then, unexpectedly, Alex’s funeral. Her father. Her grandmother. A baby, a few months old with a hint of red hair. The V-constellation, blinking at her. The map of the alien symbols in the sand in front of the pod chamber. Tess, Max, Isabel, and Michael in a four square. Herself, Max, Isabel, and Michael in the four square. And then, Max, Isabel, Kyle, Maria and herself surrounding Michael, in his mind, trying to bring him back from the sickness the sweat had caused.

The images stopped coming, leaving Liz in awe as she regained her surroundings and looked up into the brightest green eyes she had ever seen. The pretty young woman turned and ran into the crowd, terrified, disappearing immediately. Liz tried to follow her, but it was useless, she couldn’t stand.

“Liz!” Max yelled as he, Maria, and Michael caught up to her.

“We – we have to hurry... I just saw her again.”

“What?” Michael asked, helping Max pick Liz up off the ground.

“She is here... and close... I just ran into her and it was like a massively strong connection. Not like the one with you,” she said, holding her head and looking straight at Max. “But almost as strong. I think she knows who we are somehow.”

Deep down, Liz also had a feeling she knew who the girl was, but needed more proof to convince herself.


Isabel had been walking around the perimeter of the carnival for almost an hour now. She was sick of this place, it disgusted her. No one with red hair had even entered her line of sight, but Isabel was not about to give up. She was tired of running, tired of hiding. This time she wasn’t going to take the threat lying down. Instead, she was going to hunt it down and eliminate it, no matter what Max or Michael said.

The funny thing was, however, she was still running in a way. Deep down, Isabel knew it, but that didn’t make it any easier to deal with. Now she could mindwarp. Like Tess used to. Like Tess had done to Alex, killing him in the process.

Isabel could deal with the fact that she used to be someone who had betrayed her family. That she used to be Vilandra. Hell, Max and Michael had forgiven her a dozen times for it. Yet somewhere, lurking in her soul, Vilandra was hiding, was still part of her. And now she had a new power to play with. Isabel had no idea how that might affect her or what she was going to do with these new powers.

The thoughts kept running through her head, over and over again. Then, suddenly, something else caught her attention. It was a petite red headed girl, twenty years old at the most. The girl appeared to be normal, but looked frightened. No funky clothes combination or weird hairdos, just normal. “Almost too normal,” Isabel thought, remembering back at how she hid her differences from others. “Jean jacket, blue tee, jeans,” Isabel made a mental list of the girl’s outfit.

But it was something else that was striking Isabel as strange. She couldn’t quite place it, but she decided to follow the girl anyway. Keeping a safe distance away, Isabel noticed how the girl kept ducking behind trees or booths, sort-of like she knew she was being followed, or was afraid of being followed. Then, the girl stopped, and Isabel found herself and the girl, cornered in the remotest part of the park.

“I knew this was a bad idea,” the girl mumbled to herself as she started pacing back and forth¸ looking behind her warily. “I never should have come.”

Those words sparked Isabel’s interest. She quickly ducked behind the nearest tree where she could hear what the girl was saying without getting noticed. “Okay, Red,” Isabel whispered. “Time to let me hear all your secrets.”

“God,” the girl cried out in frustration. “She could be anyone,” she sighed, running her heads thought the thick mane of hair. “Damnit. I’ve bumped into her twice, and both times have knocked me for a loop.”

“She’s got to be talking about Liz,” Isabel thought to herself.

However, the girl kept right on going with her soliloquy. “I know what I have to do,” she muttered to herself, as she brought her hand up, resting it just below her neck. She started to finger a pendant hanging there from a chain, which was kept hidden under her shirt.

That’s when Isabel noticed it. The pendant… it was a symbol. Identical to the one that Max had given to Liz, the one she had found in Atherton’s basement.

Isabel let out a small gasp of realization. She had found the alien, the threat. Now she could stop it… right here, right now.

Out of the corner of her eye, Isabel saw the girl begin to storm off, a glint of determination in her eyes.

“Oh no you don’t,” Isabel whispered. “I am not going to let you hurt any of them.”


That’s when Isabel saw the van. One of those economy sized vans, moving way too fast. Perhaps it was out of control, or perhaps she just wished it was. It would never have enough time to make a stop, poor thing. Not that anyone was going to see anything anyway. They were sheltered from the rest of the carnival by the cluster of trees that lined the perimeter.

Isabel closed her eyes and began to throw all of her energy into a mind warp. This was the first time she had ever consciously attempted to create one on purpose, and soon Isabel found herself sucked into it. It was almost as if she couldn’t stop – it was a mental addiction. The energy consumed her like fire, and it was taking all of her strength to focus what she could on the driver and the alien girl.

She didn’t hear Kyle come up behind her, or him yelling at her, shaking her in an attempt to bring her out of the trance. At least until he saw what she was going to do.

“Oh no,” Kyle exclaimed when he spotted the van headed straight towards the red headed girl. It was as if they didn’t even see each other. Kyle turned to Isabel, and he knew what she was doing.

It only took a moment for Kyle to react. He ran as fast as he could towards the girl. She screamed as he grabbed her around the middle, throwing both of them out of the way of the moving van.

Hitting the ground with a thud and rolling in the dust, Kyle vaguely heard the van’s tires screeching to a halt before it hit a tree. However, most of his attention was on the girl struggling in his arms.

“Let me go!” she cried, kicking and screaming.

Kyle just laid there for a moment, half dazed and half entranced. But he quickly came out of it when he felt her teeth sinking into his arm. “Ow!” he yelled out, jerking his arm away. “What the hell,” he asked. “I pushed you out of the way of that van!” Then, he looked down at his arm, watching the as the teeth marks began to swell. “Save someone’s bacon and they bite you? There’s an endorsement!”

A few tears trickled out of the girl’s eyes. “Please let me go.”

Too late. They both saw the rest of the gang approaching at the same time. The girl made another move to get away, but Kyle held fast with his uninjured hand.

“Oh my God,” Liz shouted. “Are you two okay?”

Kyle finally stood up, unintentionally pulling the girl with him. She was perfectly comfortable staying on the ground, as far away from these people as possible. “Yeah, we’re okay, I think.”

“What the hell happened?” was Michael contribution.

“A van almost hit her,” Kyle explained, leaving out the biggest piece of information- that Isabel had used a mindwarp to almost kill someone. Then it hit him. “Isabel,” he yelled, rushing off to the trees, searching for the spot where he had left her.

The rest of the group followed him, the girl included, only because Kyle had yet to let go of her. They found Isabel sitting, leaning cock-eyed up against a tree, her eyes clamped shut. A pained expression clouded her face.

Max knelt down next to her. “Isabel,” he whispered. “Isabel, open your eyes. Please Iz.”

Slowly, her eyelids fluttered. “Did it work?” she choked out.

Kyle watched her. “No,” he said dryly. “It didn’t work Isabel.” He looked down and away from her, trying to keep his emotions in check.

A weak cry forced its way from deep down inside her, breaking open the floodgates and spilling out on the dusty earth beneath her. For the first time since they had all left Roswell, Isabel felt tears overtake her in public. She began to shake, sobs pouring from her. As much as it hurt, it also felt good to let the terrible truth out.

In the meantime, Liz found herself staring at the girl trying to wrench herself away from Kyle. The same green eyes, vibrant red hair, she thought. It was her, Liz just knew it. “It’s you,” she stated, never flinching in her gaze.

The girl’s movements stopped. She lifted her head, meeting Liz’s stare. “I have no idea what you are talking about,” she said weakly. “Now please let me go.” She began struggling again.

“We’re not going to hurt you,” Liz tried to reassure her.

However, the girl started to shake her head furiously. “I don’t think that almost getting me hit by a truck backs up that last statement.”

“That’s not what happened,” Maria chimed in defensively.

“Yes it is,” Kyle mumbled flatly.

The entire group looked at him, including Isabel. She met his eyes, and immediately knew what he was talking about.

“Tell them Isabel,” Kyle demanded. “Tell them what happened.”

The tears immediately stopped flowing from Isabel’s eyes. “You bastard!” she cried out, stumbling to her feet. She could feel everyone’s eyes now focus on her, but she didn’t care. All she wanted to do was get out of there. So she stormed off into the woods, making her way towards the cabins.

They all watched as she walked away. “What’s happening?” Max demanded to know, directing most of the comment at Kyle.

“The mindwarp,” Kyle whispered, watching Isabel’s disappearing form.

“Did you just say ‘mindwarp,’ Kyle?” Came Liz’s distant inquiry.

That is when the girl took her chance. She yanked at her arm, finally managing to free it from Kyle’s strong hand. Then, she ran, going as fast as her agile legs could carry her.

Michael only took a second to react. He rushed off after her, follow closely by Maria. Kyle reacted too, only going in the opposite direction - he went after Isabel.

Kyle had to practically run to keep up with Isabel’s long strides. “Isabel,” he panted, “Slow down!”

She stopped and whirled around, furoious. Kyle’s eyes grew perplexed as she lifted her hand in front of her, palm up, as though she were going to blast him. Kyle knew that she was cautioning him, trying to keep him away, but for some reason he kept running, and only yelled, “What the!”

Before she had a chance to respond, Kyle had run right into her hand. A shot of energy was released, the sheer force of it sending him stumbling backwards. “I said to stay away from me,” she replied simply.

Kyle just stared in disbelief as she promptly turned on her heels and began walking again, her long, shapely legs swishing as they brushed together underneath her skirt. He thanked Buddha for the view, but cursed his ability to control himself. “Karmapa, help me,” he muttered under his breath, and immediately began following her.

She finally slowed down as they neared the cabins. This was his last chance to get his feelings off his chest, while they were alone.

He grabbed her as she neared the door. She turned around and looked at him, more irritated than before. What could he possibly want? After all, he has spilled her secret to the entire group. There was nothing left that he could do.

“Isabel, I really wish you would stop this mind warping crap while you have the chance. You see what it did to Tess, and the rest of us for that matter. What it almost made you do. It’s dangerous.”

“Well, I’m not Tess,” came the mocking reply.

“I’m not so sure,” Kyle bit out. “You almost killed that girl. I don’t want to see anyone get hurt, Isabel. Especially you.”

“Spare the sentimentalities, ‘Theo’. I can handle this.”

And before he could protest, she had disappeared, just like that. He could hear the twigs crumble under her feet as she stomped off into the woods, away from the cabins.


The group decided the best course of action would be to rent the same rooms they had at Yosemite again that night and stay there. The clerk looked at Max quizzically when he handed him yet another stack of $10 bills, but they looked fine, so he didn’t question it. “11 am Mr. Swift, thank you,” came the reply.

Liz sat cross-legged on her bed, threading her wet hair with an ornate comb. They had left Roswell so unexpectedly; it was the one item from home that she had brought with her, only because she always brought it with her – that is, besides her journal. Funny that the one reminder she had of home reminded her of someone who wasn’t even there anymore. She signed sadly. Liz had been very close to her grandmother. It had been excruciating to watch her die in that hospital, with Max the Healer at a loss to save her. Max, the Healer. Max, her new husband.

Maria sat at the end of the bed, watching the local news on the fuzzy television screen.

“Ugh, I can’t watch this anymore,” she snapped. “It will only depress me more.”

“Tell me about it,” Liz sighed, rubbing at her eyes slightly. “It has been one hell of a day.”

“Yeah,” Maria exasperated, stretching out on the bed. “You got more flashes. Isabel got ticked off, and Kyle is in the living room either half berating himself or half meditating to Buddha for some answers. Add on Michael being a doof and nearly getting himself killed, and I think we have things summed up.

“Michael was just trying to help,” was Liz’s defense. “Besides, you followed him.”

“Sure,” Maria groaned, rolling her eyes. “If you’re going to use logic on me, the situation sounds right. Still, he didn’t think. She could have blasted him or something.”

Liz leaned back against the headboard. “She didn’t hurt Kyle.”

“True,” Maria agreed. “But she still got away.”

Liz let out a disappointed sigh. “I know. But I guess we can look on the bright side.”

Maria threw her a questioning look. “The bright side?”

“We’re not dead,” Liz joked.

Maria’s left eyebrow arched in disbelief, as she whispered under her breath, “Yah, we’re right back at square one. Running from the FBI, and the big bad aliens, and all the hundreds of other people who -”

Liz had quit listening to Maria; it was obvious her mind was elsewhere.

“What’s eatin’ you?” she teased.

“Huh?” Liz responded absently, then she stuttered, “Oh, nothing,” as she began to twiddle with her hair again.

Maria sat up, reaching for the comb. She finally managed to wrestle it from Liz and placed on the bed nearby. “Liz, I’ve known you forever, and you’ve never been able to keep a secret from me yet. Not even the whole alien soap-opera. Something is bothering you, and I’m not leaving you alone until you tell me what it is.”

Liz sighed, “It’s really nothing. I mean, I’ve just been having weird feelings, that’s all.”

“What do you mean weird feelings?” Then her eyes grew huge, “Oh, my gosh, you’re not preg -“

“Oh, come on, Maria. I would know if that was the case!”

Maria looked hurt, “Well, I didn’t know, with the whole alien thing….you know? Look how fast things happened with…um…other people.”

Liz knew she was referring to Tess, and she didn’t want to go in that direction. “I meant having flashes of that red-haired girl. You know the one I’m talking about,” Liz clarified.

“Not at all, Liz. We’ve only been looking for her all day.”

“I think I know who she might be.”

“That’s great, Liz!” Maria encouraged as she opened the door. “We’ve got to tell Max! Max!!” she yelled into the living room area, unsure if anyone heard her.

“No, Maria, no,” Liz whispered fiercely as she slammed the door shut and grabbed Maria by the shoulders. “We can’t tell Max.”

“But we have to,” Maria insisted. “What if she’s dangerous?”

“Serena is not dangerous.”

“Serena? You know her name? Ok, Liz, what else are you hiding from me? You know, I’m like your best friend, and I always seem to be the last one to know anything anymore. What’s gotten into you lately, girl? You’re even keeping secrets from Max now?”

A deep voice cut her off. “Like what?” Max interjected, walking into the room. Liz and Maria both jumped - in their heated discussion, they hadn’t seen Max open the door.

“What are you hiding from me, Liz?” he asked sternly. He only got that tone of voice when he was thrust into the leader position.

“Oh, nothing,” Liz responded quickly. Then her eyes dropped to the floor, guiltily. She began to ramble quickly, “Well, nothing really important, that is. Nothing you need to worry about. It’s not like there’s anything we can do about it anyway…”

Maria began to gather up her things and head toward the door. “Looks like you two need to talk.”

“No, really, Maria,” Liz pleaded. “It’s nothing. There’s nothing to talk about.”

Maria looked back and forth from Max to Liz. Liz was her best friend, but there was something Max needed to know, and he clearly wanted Maria to leave so he could tear into Liz about it.


“Well, suit yourselves,” she responded flippantly. “I need to see what mischief Michael is up to. See you two later,” she added as she closed to door behind her.

Liz began gathering up her shampoo and her towel. “I’m going to take a shower,” she muttered, her eyes still focused on the floor.

Max grabbed her wrist, and then swung her around roughly as if to kiss her. But, instead, he brushed his fingers through her damp hair. He knew good and well that she had already had her shower. As Liz lifted her eyes to his, she saw the hurt look in them. She couldn’t stand to see that look. Why did he always have to make it so difficult?

“Max, you don’t understand. I love you, and it kills me to keep anything from you. But I just can’t tell you, because it could alter the future. Bad things could happen, Max, terrible things.”

“Terrible things could happen if you don’t tell me,” he replied.

“Well, I guess you’re right,” she admitted. Then it hit her like a sonic boom. The whole point of not telling Max about the end of the world was because it would have spoiled the whole plan, to get Max and Tess together, so she would feel accepted and not leave the group. Tess had left Earth anyway, and now she was dead; the plan was spoiled, so was there any point in keeping this from him? Maybe if she got Max involved, they could find some other way to prevent the end of the world. Maybe Serena could help. Yes, she had to tell him.

Tears began to well up in her eyes as she choked out, “I’m sorry, Max. I’m really sorry. It has been killing me to keep this from you all this time…”

Max’s face softened, and he pulled her head into his chest, kissing her gently on the top of the head. “Liz, you can tell me anything, you know that. I can’t protect you if I don’t know what to protect you from.”

“I don’t think it’s like that. I mean, I think she’s here to help us. You said she would be my friend.”


“Serena,” Liz choked.

“When you visited me from the future to tell me about the End of the World… You said that Serena had helped us, our future selves, to use the granolith to return to the past. You said, well the future version of you said, you’d come back to…to…” she sniffed and began to sob again, “To break us up so that Tess would have a place in the group and stay, because…” she choked out, “Because she would only stay if she could be your wife, and if she left, the three of you would be too weak to withstand our enemies, and then…and then… they would kill us all, and bring about the end of the world. Oh, Max, it was so hard to make you think I didn’t love you, to fake sleeping with Kyle for you, to say I didn’t want to die for you, when really I would, a million times. I would. It was necessary Max, and I’m so sorry.”

Max pushed her tear-stained face away from his chest so he could look at her. Despite his welling multitude of questions and emotions, he had never seen anyone so beautiful before. Although he was hurt that she had kept things from him, he felt compassion for her. She had painfully gone against her nature to apparently save the world. He leaned down and kissed her tear-stained cheek, and she could feel a huge weight lifting off her chest. Max knew about the future.

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