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Top 100 Of The 80's


And welcome to the official website of our new WEBCAST: Top 100 Of The 80's!

On this website, you will find some wonderful and interesting things about what we think is the greatest era of our time.  The 80's!  The following is a list of things that you will find about the new WEBCAST.

HOME     That's this page of course.

CHARTS     Although this page is kind of a copy off of our old 80's Mania website, we decided to add it here as well but in a different format.  Here, the charts are on separate pages instead of all on one page like the used to be in 80's Mania before it was removed.

ABOUT US     In order to get a background and more information as to how this show got started, you will want to go here to find that out.  Also, you will find some bios on the DJ's that do the WEBCAST there as well.

CONTACT US     And last but not least, if you should ever want to contact us about anything you see here on the website about the Top 100 Of The 80's show, or just want to drop us a line, shoot the sh#$ or anything of that nature, you will want to go here.

Due to changes in Internet Radio licensing, the WFTP Radio Network can no longer syndicate it's programming to other stations.  This means this new show will only be available to listen to as a webcast here directly from our website.

So that's how it goes!  Have fun!