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Top 100 Of The 80's

Hello, and welcome to the new Top 100 Of The 80's WEBCAST.  In this section you will find various information about the show in a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) format.

Q: What Is The Top 100 Of The 80's Show?
A: It is our newest web show that we offer here on our website.

Q: Why is this show no longer for download like you originally planned it to be?
A: Due to changes in Internet Radio licensing and the fact that our broadcasting service went out of business, we can no longer offer the show as Syndicated programming.  Now you can only hear the show as a WEBCAST directly from our website.

Below this section are the DJ BIOS.  Pictures are unavailable at this time as we are too busy to take them.


DJ Sean Andre

Name:  Sean Andre
Age: 41
Birth Date:  March 23
Occupation:  Online Radio DJ

DJ Leeanne Andre

Name:  Leeanne Andre
Birth Date:  May 13
Occupation:  Online Radio DJ