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Welcome to the studio.  Above is a picture of the actual home studio we use to write, record, and produce everything we do at the WFTP Radio Network, ranging from Audio Books to Radio Webcasts, and even editing this very website you are looking at right now.  And just to answer the burning question...  Yes the images on the screens look a little weird.  The picture of the whole apparatus didn't come out right, so we had to paste screen shots into the monitors of each machine as you can see.

TOP LEFT: This is DJ Sean's personal computer that he uses Adobe Audition on to pre-record the DJ Sean & DJ Leeanne Weekly Top 40 show, as well as the writing, recording and producing of audio books and so much more.  It is a Dell Inspiron 530S Dual Core Windows Vista machine with a 300GB hard drive, and 4GB of RAM.  This machine is also used to control the HOST machine you see at the bottom through PCAnywhere so we don't have to get down on the floor on our hands and knees to get things done as you can see.

TOP RIGHT: This is DJ Leeanne's personal computer that we use to edit this website you are looking at right now.  It is a home brew Windows 7 machine with a 500GB hard drive, and 4GB of RAM and a top of the line graphics card.  It is essentially designed for high end gaming among other things.  DJ Leeanne mostly uses this machine to play the PC version of Diablo III + Reaper Of Souls Expansion.

BOTTOM: And finally, the HOST machine!  This is the computer that EVERYTHING runs on.  The station Webcast, the file servers, pretty much EVERYTHING we use for the station.  Sporting a VERY nice image of StationPlaylist (The Radio Automation Software We Use For Webcasting), you might be interested to know that this machine was rescued from the front lawn of a neighbor's house when they just left it there after moving out and leaving town for good.   It is an older eMachine, released during a time when they were puting 80GB hard drives in them, it has a 2.8GHz processor and 2GB of RAM.  It has an 80GB C:\ drive for operating system and essential programming for running Internet Webcasts such as these.  And it also has a 1TB D:\ drive for file storage and the music we use in our webcasts, as well as audio books we write, record, and produce, and it quite surprisingly runs Windows XP flawlessly.