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5 M.I.C-Z

Artist: 5 M.I.C-Z (Pronounced 5 Mics)
Titles: Head Turna, Bout Dat Lyfe
Website: http://www.5micz.com/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/5_Micz
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/5-MIC-Z/534556989895256?ref=h


Born in Newark, NJ on May 31, 1981 Aaron ‘5 MIC-Z’ Forte is an artist that brings with himself a level of credibility that owes everything to musical talent and dedication and nothing to a cynical self-styled back-story of ‘life on the streets’ so many rap artists in the genre feel as pre-requisite as the bullet wounds and eighteen fake gold teeth the industry has thus far produced.

When an unexpected split between his parents led to relocating with his mother to Florida, a young Aaron found himself alone and starting anew. Throwing his efforts into schooling, he established himself with his abilities in the field of sports. Highly motivated and multi-talented he found that, despite excelling in physical activities, his musical side was beginning to become more the focus of his attentions.

With his ethos of “Staying true to who you are” being his sole direction, he left sports to focus on what would ultimately become his life-long career.

A peerless ability to harmonize alongside those artists who inspired him saw Aaron quickly develop his own voice and style amongst a slew of others emerging on the scene at the time. After a brief collaboration saw him create the group C.O.A. with his cousins he envisioned a more focused line-up would create a clearer vision. And with Stevie Jackson (aka Dirty Old Man Joe Reese) from C.O.A. on board Aaron Forte (aka Ryde Wit Me Dogg) formed the self-styled duo Ace Hygh.

Support was duly won through hard-work and a high level of musical creativity that earned them the respect and attention from both fans and luminaries of rap; reaching such lofty heights, however, was not without its casualties. After several years of trying effort that saw both artists stretched to the point of breaking Aaron realised the music, and more importantly their friendship outside Ace Hygh, was suffering, and took the regrettable but inevitable decision to be the one to remove them self from the group and begin again.
My Name Is Aaron was the album marking these new beginnings, and birthed him as a solo artist in his own right. With production and writing duties falling squarely on the performer’s shoulders he unveiled his own musical vision to an overwhelming response. Amply carried and heroically received, My Name Is Aaron became the bench-mark Aaron has continued to reach and surpass with each subsequent release.

The following years saw a reuniting with his former writing partner, Dirty Old Man Joe Reese, the self-imposed distance between the two friends allowing them both room to grow and discover the scope of their abilities. Proving time sharpens, rather than dulls a blade, the duo found it almost effortless to combine their new-found strengths into producing the collaborative single Lady Your. 

A decades worth of experience and knowledge has helped define Aaron into becoming the force de measure that culminated in his signing with BWD - ‘The Independent Music Label of the South‘ - Records in October 2012; and with it comes his latest scene stealing release, the intoxicating single Head Turna.

Head Turna is a beguiling rhythm and hypnotic tone that turns the lights down to romance and hearts up to passion, the vocals liquid intimacy that coax you through the track. As smooth as the silk shirt strewn across the floor and delivered with a sensual lust, Head Turna is a song to turn dance floors into decadence, bed-rooms into bliss and the night into a world of indulgent promise. 

The confidence in delivery and production marks it out amongst any you’d care to line against it, the list of named artists currently content to sit ‘at a level’ made all the more obvious and stark when listening to the creativity and craftsmanship of an artist fully in control and capable of taking everything you think you’ve grown accustomed to, and presenting you with a vista of panoramic grace that’s as fresh and exciting as some named artists wish they could still be.

With such a start to his fledgling signing 5 mIc-Z looks set to not just reach the heights of his luminaries before him but, with the backing of BWD, is set to become the benchmark of the genre he’s quickly making his own.

5 mIc-Z music can be heard on radio stations, college stations, internet and satellite worldwide. Be sure to request ‘Head Turna’ by 5 mIc-Z at all your local radio stations.