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Big Sean - Bounce Back

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Boy you REALLY tend to find out how people truly feel about you when you PISS them the FUCK off!  I'm a FIRM believer in that.  Let this post serve as my farewell to the past.  I am DONE with Gabriel and Daryll, who I THOUGHT actually LOVED me, but I guess I was wrong.  For the longest time I believed they were innocent and would eventually get in touch with me some time in the future and we'd all be able to be a part of each other's lives again, but take a look at these screen shots of my conversation with Gabriel when I finally contacted him, and you'll see, that neither fucking ONE of them gives a fuck about me, and regardless of how INNOCENT the mother fuckers think they are, they STILL went along with Leeanne's little cospiracy to leave me for dead while they all packed up their shit and moved back to Arizona behind my back and dissappeared!  First, my initial message to Ben is going back up here, because that's what started it off!

This is why I HATE snotty nosed punk ass mother fucking kids who have NO fucking respect!  When I was ABLE to, I tried teaching them right from wrong.  For a while I had a pretty good grip on their behavior.  Until Leeanne and her fuckin mother stepped in and circumvented everything I was trying to do!  They actually LET the kids do this shit!  They're ALL at fault!  And now I wouldn't be surprised if these kids grew up as ax murderers or worse!  Fuck it!  I don't give a fuck!  I stopped giving a fuck when I read Gabriel's responses.  It may appear that I came off mean at first, but really all I was doing was trying to give a little constructive criticism.  And he tried turning it around on ME like I'm the one who couldn't handle the constructive criticsm.  But if you look closely at all of his responses as apposed to mine, really all I was trying to do was get back in touch with my kids after their mother FUCKED things up, and all he could do was be a FUCKING ASS HOLE about it!  Saying he didn't give a fuck about it, (basically saying he didn't give a fuck about me whether he meant to say that or not), and that he was focusing on his career.  Hence forth, my reason for telling him to "Enjoy your career and eat SHIT for all I care!"

It's whatever though!  I'm back with the original family I set out to start more than 20 years ago.  We're happy now, and unfortunately these kids as far as I'm concerned can eat SHIT!  I want NOTHING to do with them anymore!  What kinda fucking kids turn their back on their father and follow their mother's conspiracy to leave me for dead while they all packed up their shit and moved back to Arizona behind my back.  If I hadn't done my heavy investigating?  I would NEVER have known what happened!